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Corner Window Troubles



I am having real trouble making your Corner Window appear legible in any view. The problem seems to be with the sill: turned on, in 2D Plan View it is notched out on one end and in 3D views it juts out of the building; turned off, I can't control the line weight of the bottom sash - it appears no different than the jambs. (see images below).

The Window Settings dialogue box does not render the window as a corner window, which makes it very difficult to adjust the settings. 

I am also unable to slope the tops of corner windows. 

Also, regarding the sloped top shape - this feature only works as a transom component of a window, which forces me to try to hide the transom bar in the sill of the window - way too much fussing around to achieve a very simple window. 

Regarding sills in general, I need to be able to control the depth much better so that it can even be less than the wall depth (in cases where the window extends to the floor). 



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