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Small Toronto Architecture office looking for intensive training


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We are looking to make the big move from Autocad to Vectorworks.  We have been going through the VW University content for more than a year, but our existing client work and ongoing cad-centric projects have stretched that process out longer than has been useful/retainable.


Time to take a new approach. We are looking for someone local (but are open to remote options as well) to provide us with some intensive training so that we can make the transition and bring our standards along with us.


Are there any trainers or very experienced Architecture users out there that can help us make the leap? It is just two of us. Please drop me a message and let me know if you are available and interested.


Thank you,


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Wow, there was quite a bit more activity than I was expecting from this post.  Not too many local Toronto VW users, but some, which is nice to see.


We are looking for the right fit and will reach out to the people that sent private messages shortly.  Ideally we'll carve out some time in December to do an intensive training push and commit to start new 2024 projects exclusively in Vectorworks.


Thank you again, and please continue to message me if you or someone you know would be a good fit. We would also be interested in starting up a local(ish) Vectorworks user group so please message me if you are interested in something like that as well!






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Hi @Mark_DDi

I’d love to support you guys. 


I have worked with Vectorworks since 1997 when it was called MiniCAD, feeling like a dinosaur now ... 🤣


I have done Vectorworks training before, e.g. for a rigging company, they started using VW and had actually very minimal CAD experience prior, so we started with the basics and worked our way up.


After the initial training I provided helpful ongoing support, set up title blocks and libraries, plus was there for questions and live-training. BTW - I work with VW Architect/Renderworks.


Below some info about my work and attachments.



Having worked in Europe, Asia and Australia, I have extensive experience and provide services in:

  • commercial fit-outs - trade shows, events, hospitality, retail
  • technical production knowledge commercial fit-outs & signage & CNC production knowledge
  • technical documentation commercial fit-outs
  • creative & strategic development
  • 3D modeling
  • real-time visualisations / renderings


  • Vectorworks 1997/MiniCAD to 2024
  • Twinmotion 2019 to 2024
  • Adobe Creative Cloud / Membership


  • all 2D & 3D files attached below have been created in Vectorworks
  • all visuals have been rendered in Vectorworks or in Twinmotion

Looking very much forward hearing from you.




Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+Archviz+RETAIL SPACES.PNG

Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+Archviz+PRODUCTS.PNG

Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+Archviz+PARKLET DESIGN.PNG

Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+Archviz+COFFEE SHOP.PNG

Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+Archviz+BATHROOM.PNG

Grethe+Connerth+Twinmotion+Vectorworks+Real Time Visualisations+3D Model+Archviz+AUTOMOTIVE.PNG




Grethe Connerth - Displays & Signage - Technical Documentation - 02.png

Grethe Connerth - Displays & Signage - Technical Documentation - 03.png

Grethe Connerth - Displays & Signage - Technical Documentation - 04.png

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