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Surface Hatch alignment

Mat Caird

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Hi All, after writing out this long and boring question, I've sorted it out for myself - I'll leave it up, maybe someone can use it;


I'm trying to produce some internal bathroom drawings. I would like to render a 3d perspective view in Shaded mode, render the 4 walls as internal elevations in Hidden Line mode, and present the plan in Top/Plan (ie typical 2d mode). I have created a Renderworks Texture for the floor and wall tiles, and a hatch of the same tiles. I have assigned the hatch to the Surface Hatch in the Renderworks texture, and now I can successfully align the floor tiles so that the Shaded mode and Hidden Line modes match one-another.

I assign the hatch to the Floor object so it shows in Top/Plan view, and all three are aligned.


However, I then need to move the Renderworks texture so the proposed grout lines are where I would like them. Shaded mode and Hidden Line modes match, but the position of the Top/Plan hatch does not agree with the Renderworks texture. So I need to use the attribute mapping tool to move the Top/Plan hatch to agree with the Hidden Line Surface Hatch.


And after writing out this long and boring question, I think I've sorted it out for myself - position the Renderworks Texture in Shaded mode, using the Attributes Mapping Tool. Check that the alignment is correct in Hidden Line (even though I won't be presenting the plan drawing in Hidden Line). Switch to Top/Plan and use the Attributes Mapping Tool to align the hatch with the render work texture (it may help to draw some construction lines in shade mode first so I have something to snap to).






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