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set-based design (various design versions kept in one vwx file)


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i've just watched the archicad 27 webinar and i'm just wondering if it's possible to have many versions of the design solutions parallelly in one vwx file?

in archicad there's a commitment button which links the chosen version into the current project, the other versions are being removed. the versions can contain any set of options referring to selected model elements. these options are then added to the aproppriate versions. eg. version 1 has a steel construction, version 2 has a concrete one, a.s.o. 


the reason for this query is the target value delivery method from the lean construction, where you postpone the design solution choice until the lrm (last responsible moment), where all other options can be rendered obsolete.


thanks for any help.


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I do my Versions in VW by using some extra version Layers.

(I have no other idea for VW or Bricscad)


Everything related to versions is moved to the version Layer.

I duplicate that Version Layer n-times of n-Versions and

copy the geometry to the other version Layers.

There I do my version specific modifications.


I switch between Versions by Saved Views or SLVP duplications.


For me that worked also with C4D Exchange and its Render Takes.


If Versions happen in more than one Story, it may get more complicated

with Layer visibility switching.

(But I usually have my Facade on a single 0,00 Story Layer over all Stories)


And if it gets really complicated I may even have to also use some Class

duplicates for each version.



For the future I count on Speckle for versioning.

(Although neither VW nor Bricscad have, or are willing to support, a connector

for Speckle for now or announced. For VW there is at least a community based

effort for a Speckle connector but it looks like VW's APIs aren't very helpful)

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I need to visualize versions all the time.


But honestly my brain so far can't imagine to work with any other solutions

than my tedious but simple visibility switching by Layer or such.


If I try to imagine to try something similar in a 3D App e.g. by using animation

and a time line or such, I think it would be to confusing for me.


I would need to watch the Archicad webinar first to see if I am compatible

with their idea  ....



I already feel scared by working with or keeping control over Speckle's Branches ....

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On one hand it is a collaboration tool between users of different software

Rhino <> Revit <> Archicad <> IFC <> Blender <> Unreal <> ......


But in this case more interesting is that it works (AFAIK) similar to GitHub

or Software Development Tools,

where you can do Versions and different Branches of your data and finally

dumb branches or bring them together.


While our Software is usually file based, Speckle is object and data based.

So a Connector will load geometries and data from the App into the cloud

where all have access by browser or streams the new content back into

your App to edit it there.


The whole Speckle is Open Source and you could download and run your

own Speckle Server on your own Server.

Speckle originates from in house programmers, developers and architects

of largest architectural offices, so Speckle is very AEC oriented.


A typical use case of e.g. offices like Herzog & DeMeron is that the design

group usually works in Rhino while the planning group uses Revit and

visualization with VRay.

Speckle makes collaboration between these groups easier and faster.



But as said,

there is currently no Speckle Connector for VW or Bricscad in sight.

So for my workflow, where only Connectors for Blender, QGIS, Unreal

and IFC available, I am not really able to really examine and learn

what I things I could really do or not in Speckle.


Just direct upload of IFCs into Speckle cloud does not really do it

as I can import/export IFCs from/into into BlenderBIM, Bricscad or VW

directly anyway.

So no chance her to test how exchange would work. Like if Blender would

keep or lose its material overwriting when I stream VW geometry updates

and such.

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1 hour ago, zoomer said:

On one hand it is a collaboration tool between users of different software

Rhino <> Revit <> Archicad <> IFC <> Blender <> Unreal <> ......

i'm an advocate of a _one_ common exchange format. we have too much dark data in the construction industry, and no converter is reliable to not to lose data during translation. 

that's why blenderbim with the native ifc is such a highlight.


1 hour ago, zoomer said:

But as said,

there is currently no Speckle Connector for VW or Bricscad in sight.

yes, i know it.

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