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The 3D-dragger presentation video: How was the resulting shade sculpture actually achieved?

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The video appears redacted to suggest, that the Surface Array tool could actually easily produce the resulting shade sculpture with nurbs precision.


In my experience it could not.


Have I missed a feature or a method/procedure, that I should know?


If the video is indeed a nice fantasy, how was the end result actually modeled? 


The approximation that I could think of uses a mesh cube as the array item – with a 3D locus included to create the gaps.



Surface array.png

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After further experiments, I am happy to discover, that I have seriously underestimated the capabilities of Surface Arrays. The array item of this example is a single, rectangular nurbs surface – with a U degree of 25 and a V degree of 1. The surface is duplicated 3 times at 90° angles to form a box and the ends of the box are closed with square nurbs surfaces.  The resulting shape can be grouped and scaled, but not add-solid'ed within the array item. I have added a 3D locus to function as a spacer, but there may be a smarter way to achieve this.


When the repetition mode Y of the surface array is set to 1, the nurbs surfaces in the array item will stretch and bend to follow the base surface. If the U degree number is reduced, the curves should become less pliable.


Now I get a perfectly smooth result similar to the video. The individual staves of the array are not solid, but I suppose the array can be ungrouped and the staves add-solid'ed individually.



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