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Display multiple Object Informations in one Textfield


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I'm new to marionette.

I want to create a network that filters all objects, and displays Information next to them (from Databases, position, etc)


How do i get multiple Informations into a text box for each object? This is how I want it to look, just all the information in the respective object (Name and a coordinate just for example)



However, I would like to just get these Infos in a single Textbox for each object, preferrably with a simple option to add more lines, without weird hacks like manually building a new text and offsetting it.


But when i try to send the strings to a single Text, the information is not displayed at the correct object: Here, both names get shown at the rectangle on the right)



Trying to combine the inputs before building the text (Example 3) results in all Information displayed at all objects.



Can someone tell me how i get marionette to build one textbox for each object, with ONLY the information from the correct instance?


Thanks a lot!

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Hi Pat, thanks for the suggestion. I already tried that, it has the same effect as my last screenshot, listing all the info at every object, just as a list, not as a single string.

I got this solution via private message, i repost it here so that anyone can see it. Thanks to Letti R




for some strange reason i can not post my answer to your question into the forums, thats why i am writing you this message.

Here is my solution to your problem:


To be hones i dont think this is a good solution, because it uses a little bit of Python, but it works.






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