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Vectorworks compatibility

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I thought you might want to know this odd (and un-officlal) response.   I recently tested my old copy of VW 2010 on Mac OS High Sierra, and it seemed to work just fine (even though the compatibility chart said it won't work).  Out of curiosity, I inquired about this to VW tech support and the surprising answer was that older versions of VW "might" work on newer versions of Mac OS even though the VW compatibility table says they will not work.  The 'odd' answer included a comment that the older VW will only work on the newer MacOS if the old VW was already loaded on the computer before the MacOS was updated to the newer version.   I find this very curious, and I can not explain it.    Good Luck.

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I think what they meant is that the installer checks the OS version and won't run if the OS it too old.


And yes, often "most" of the functionality of an older version of VW on a newer OS will work.  But you may end up with strange problems. Or you might be a light enough user to get by.


Examples of things not working due to OS incompatibility are screen redraw issues, slow performance, some tools not working properly, poor printing.


If you are not using it very hard or all the time it is probably worth checking. But don't expect flawless performance. There are always technical reasons that a version has been declared incompatible with a specific OS.

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