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seperate page placment and origion



I have posted this problem several times and I have finally decided this must be a wish list Item. We have noticed that the past in place command gets screwy when you move the page (printable area). This in a nut shell is what happens.

We set up several seperate files for each floor plan.

In each floor plan there is a full scale base sheet and usually an 1/8 scale plan.

some time during the development of the drawings someone will change or move the printable area in order to print a small piece of the drawing.

After this has happened the past in place wont correctly align objects in layers of different scales, such as centering the plan on the base sheet.

Also moving the printable area can screw up referenced layers and linked 3D layers.

It seems to us that this printable area should only have to do with exactly that, the area that is printed, and the origion should controll everything else, including aligning layers of different scales.

Has anyone else noticed this and is diehlgraphsoft aware of it, or are we missing something very important here.


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If you want to read alot about this shortcoming, dig through the archives of the Vectorworks Users Forum. Here's the URL:


If you have not ever used this resourse, give it a try. I have found it extremely useful.


d. s h a f f e r

a r c h i t e c t

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Great comment. I agree 100%. All other programs seem to have this feature sepatated.

Working with a team it becomes a big problem if someone moves the print area around that is always bound to happen at some point. Say printing a check plot on a 11X17 or so. I posted a simmilar wish to this one. I hope that a print to fence arae or window will become available in VW 9.

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