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Hoist and House Rig Points not showing Load

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I am sure this is simple fix but I have researched extensively, and I cannot seem to find a solution. 


I am making this as simple as possible to try and nail down the issue... I add three truss sticks, three hoists and two lights. Change trim to 20' and ensure hoists are connected. "System check all objects" and everything is green and connected. However in the calculation overview, hoist workload is showing 0%. And when I add a hoist data tag containing Load, it shows 0lbs. The truss system shows the correct "Total Hung weight" but the I cannot get the hoists to display the loads. I am trying to get this nailed down on a small scale before implementing on a large project with much more involved. 




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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The system check command doesn't do a braceworks calculation, it only checks that the system is ready for calculation by looking for errors like disconnected hoists or lights.
You need to run a full Braceworks calculation for the system to  calculate the loads on each hoist and hanging point.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

All the Braceworks calculation commands should be in the Braceworks menu, the top 4 options in the menu

Calculate all objects
Calculate load combinations

Calculate visible

Calculate selection

Are you using a custom workspace?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Normally the only reason these commands don't show up is if you don't have a Braceworks license, but since the Braceworks menu is displaying you should have Braceworks.
I'm sorry but this is not something that I can help with here on the forum, please contact the US tech support

Either use the link below 


or phone

or email


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