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Data tags inside a symbol with symbols inside

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I'm trying a new thing - a symbol (e.g. bathroom) build from set of equipment (also symbols e.g. sink, toilet bowl, bath etc.). I tried to use a data tag that reads name of a symbol to name equipment inside the main symbol (whole Bathroom). But for some reason in random moments all data tags located inside the symbol disconnects from objects.


I've created a simple example of what I mean using 2D objects.


General question - is it safe/tested workflow to use data tags inside symbols?



DataTag inside symbol.vwx

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi @Grzegorz Krzemien,


What do you mean that data tag disconnects from objects? In your file all data tags seem to be associated correctly.


About data tags inside symbols: in VW2023 we add a new option "World-based data tag" and I recommend to use it, if you want the data tag to be placed inside a symbol:


Best Regards,
Kostadin Ivanov

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@KIvanov My file was only an example, that worked yesterday, but I was able to break it today.

It looks like there is a problem with publishing a worksheet to pdf. If " reset all plug-in objects that require a reset prior to exporting" option is on, Data tags are being disconnected. It this option is off, everything works fine.


According to the thread below it should be fixed by now.



DataTag inside symbol BROKEN.pdf DataTag inside symbol BROKEN.vwx DataTag inside symbol.pdf DataTag inside symbol.vwx

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