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Object Node - slow at rotation/ move operation


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Hello there,

I have a quite complex object Node with a huge network of nodes.
When I move/ rotate/ duplicate the Object it is really slow. Just changing the z-value is much faster! Any x/y movement takes at least twice/ three times oz the z-operation.

What I can see is that the whole network is rotated/ moved inside the object node (moving the network is always a really slow process)
So my guess/ idea: Can I speed up my script with just moving the resulting geometry relatively without moving/ rotating the whole network inside? (without changing my whole network to an “control geometry” approach because I started generating my geometry from 0/0 origin)

Any idea how to speed up things or to just move the resulting object relatively?


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  • Marionette Maven

Are you manually moving the object?

Do you have the "Reset On Move" checkbox deselected in the OIP?


I'm kind of lost on where you say 

10 minutes ago, Heblon said:

the whole network is rotated/ moved inside the object node


Can you elaborate on this?


Also, I'd be willing to take a quick look at it if you wanted to directly message me with the file.

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