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Making loci in symbols invisible


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Is there a way to delete loci from hybrid symbols without losing the ability to edit the symbol's geometry or attributes or to set the visibility of loci that are embedded in symbols to invisible permanently? I know you can use Custom Visibility to make loci invisible, but they revert back to visible when you change the active class.

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Originally posted by Hunter B:

Just set it to a class and make it non-visable


The HC toilet stall symbol, for exmple, contains four loci. The only way I have found to change the loci's class is to convert the symbol to a group and ungroup it, but once you've done that, you lose the ability to manipulate the object's parameters in the Object Info Palette. I need to be able to make the loci invisible without losing the ability to manipulate the object in the OIP.

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Originally posted by Hunter B:

You should be able to double click on the symbol to edit and then just select the Loci and change the class...... in theory.

Double-clicking the symbol produces a "The selected object has no edit behavior" error message.

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