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3D symbols with speckles


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I have a variety of different garage door symbols and it seems like almost all of them have black speckles. I know about the layer links and duplicates. I even heard that rendering ( at least in earlier versions of VW) with nurbs will make reflective and transparent objects have something like these black speckles. Is this true for VW 11? So I know there are no layer links and I'va edited the symbols several times looking for duplicates of anything in the symbol but with no results and I rendered with and without nurbs just to be safe. 3rd party image editing software works well to clean this up, but these elevations have deadlines and I'm just trying to streamline the process.

Thanks for any help,


VW 11.0.1

Mac OS 10.3.7

Dual 1.8 Ghz PowerPC G5


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