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Color scrollers are a bit awkward in that neither VW nor Vision handle them particularly well.  VW is great for putting them in as accessories and handling channeling and DMX addressing, but isn't really designed for doing more theatrical style renderings (setting different looks, etc), so there aren't too many options for setting scroller color.


There technically is a tab in the lighting device editor for setting multiple colors per device that is supposed to carry over to Vision, but it doesn't work with scrollers.  That's because that page only becomes active once you've assigned a Fixture Mode to the Lighting Device object, which is what Vision uses to set the personality when you make the export.


Color Wheel editor in VW 2023 for a 14deg Source 4:



What hurts us in this case is that a conventional that you would put a scroller on only has two slots to put color in, one slot on two different wheels, there are no personalities in Vision that cover scrollers.  The Color Wheel editor is really designed for matching static color wheels in moving lights.  These values will transfer over to Vision.


Color Wheel editor for a Martin ERA 800:



Before VW acquired Vision, back in the ESP Vision days, things like scrollers, I-Cues, VL500 lenses, and remote dimmer settings were handled in Vision through a process called Attachments.  This was handled by a button called Manage Attachments at the bottom of the Properties window.


Attachments Dialog as shown in Vision 2019:



The problem is that in every version of Vision after being acquired, adding any kind of attachment to a light completely borked the light and converted it back to just basic geometry, losing the ability to control it.  This broken "feature" was left in Vision 2017, 2018, and 2019 before being quietly removed in 2020.  They did at least add I-Cues back in as a dedicated Lighting Device, but even then you don't really have controls regarding the lens tube beam degree or whether or not there's an iris.




So in short, unfortunately you can't really use scrollers in either VW or Vision.  If you need the scroll loaded in strictly for documentation purposes, Lightwright has you covered, but there's no way to simulate scrollers for renderings or visualization.  It might be worth putting in a fixture request for adding your specific fixture/scroller combination to the library, but even then you'd be restricted to having your dimmer and scroller starting address being sequential since the remote dimmer channel in Vision would be handled by the now removed Attachments system.

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