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3D annotation in custom object


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Been banging my head against the wall with this one for a while. How do I get 2D annotation e.g. text to show up in 3D view of a custom object? Is this possible? By default 2d objects are drawn to the top/plan plane of the custom object. I've tried using SetMatrix to set the matrix to a plane that is rotated 90º about the X axis. I've tried SetRot3D and this does nothing, as expected from the documentation. Anyone got any clues about how to do this?

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Update: So I remembered about 3d polygons. I create a 3D polygon using


Or just the normal way with a list of vertices. Then I try to rotate it using


No matter what I put into SetRot3D or SetEntityMatrix it rotates the 3D polygon to the screen plane. ???? Total Confusion.


EDIT Just seen Marissa's reply will try that on a 2D object.

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Posted my reply a split second after Marissa might have answered the question
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