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Found 5 results

  1. We're seeking an experienced Vectorworks ‘Landmark’ designer/drafter starting on an as-needed/contract basis to build to a long term position. This position is preferably filled by someone in Ontario OR has working knowledge of regional and Municipal building, planting and permitting requirements. Typical duties include: Creation of Site Plans with Site measurement and documentation Grading design Planting and Lighting design Creation of site models, Shade Shadow Studies Production of Planning and Construction Drawings Your skills should include: Vectorworks Landmark 3D and 2D drafting Preparation of permitting documents Enthusiasm for design and sustainability Ability to work remotely, self-starter, detail-oriented +'s are experience with Sketchup and/or Twinmotion rendering skills Uncommon Ground Design Group Inc., is a small firm focused on high-end custom landscape design in the Province of Ontario, Canada Email: design@uncommonground.ca
  2. I can't figure out the way to assign a related position to my drawing labels in relation to the scale/crop of the viewport. If I do an original viewport of 1:50 and then re-scale it to 1:70 or 1:100, the result is the drawing label getting closer to the VP, as shown in the first row of the screenshot. I want to end up with a result like the second row each time I re-scale or crop my VPs. * The drawing label it's a custom style inserted from the 'create a new VP' menu when creating a VP from a design layer into a sheet layer * I've tried assigning a 2d locus to the drawing label style but nothing changed.
  3. Hey all, I'm not sure if there's a way to do this. I would love to add labels to my box boom positions (just something like HR Box Boom) while they're in 2D view. I used lighting ladders and effectively have a plot view and a 3D view so I can use them in Augment3d, but I can't seem to figure out how to actually make that position name show up as a label in the 2D view. Hopefully that makes some sense. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello everyone. I am trying to do something that looks easy but I don´t find the right functions: "To change the position of a design layer" The initial situation is this one: Design Layer # Design Layer A --> 1 Design Layer B --> 2 Design Layer D --> 3 I want the layers like this: Design Layer # Design Layer A --> 1 Design Layer B --> 2 Design Layer C --> 3 Design Layer D --> 4 Must be not so difficult to insert a new in a position because I can do manually when I create a new layer. I need to know how to get the number of the "Design Layer B" --> 2 And be able to create a new layer at the next number. this are my options, and no one is useful to my eyes vs.Layer("Design Layer B") vs.CreateLayer('NEW Design Layer', 1) vs.CreateLayer('NEW PRESENTATION Layer = LAYOUT', 2) Any idea?
  5. zoomer

    RW Cameras

    Cameras are still not working for me in 2017. Can we recap that issue a bit from scratch to get information and find solutions ? I try to sum up. Cameras worked for me fairly well in VW 2014-2015 : They worked fine even on Layers assigned to Story Heights. I could do Screenshots nearly full view window, by using "crop frame" Just 2 Problems occurred for me : 1. Sometimes, geometry far behind (!) the camera had the potential that a camera view showed no more lights when rendering, until that geometry was set to invisible. 2. If a Z-value was assigned to camera (in OIP), like I tried in a Staircase, the camera tend to shift its position arbitrarily. A known Bug. VW 2016 : Cameras got some new features. We can create, save and assign all features to Cameras. Maybe no problems if assigned to Viewports (?) But we can't securely switch between these in drawing Window. In that case at one time : 1. Cameras lost their Positions always, no matter if there was a Z-value assigned, a Story height or not. New XYZ locations values where for either selective or all Axes : nearly infinite like 1,00000000ß0000e200, origin 0,0,0 or the XYZ of another camera. 2. Camera and Target height for me sometimes change from mostly 1,60 m to 1,599999 or even more deviate values. 3. Camera Aspect Ratio Borders (the blue corners) only use a small part of the view Window of my monitor (about a third of the width) so no more sufficient resolution for screenshots. I think one or all following points came with different following releases of Service Packs 4. Activation Icons in Camera Lister at one point won't disappear again, the whole de/activation process was killed from that point, even in OIP or Camera Settings, until VW restart. Over time more and more Cameras will reach that state. 5. Cameras started to arbitrarily activate the old "crop view" in file settings, which is totally unwanted for standard 3D Views which will be effected too. 6. Cameras started to switch to a Top Plan orthogonal View inside that old "view crop" when activated for the first time. An UNDO brought the original Camera back some times and old "view crop" was deactivated again. 7. And last behavior change I noted, Cameras behaved like Saved Views and allways changed Layer Visibility by making their own Layer the Active Layer. Trying to switch back to the former Active Layer made them go nuts. VW 2017 : I did not test so much so far. For 2016 files converted using cameras already : 1. Cameras lost sometime their Position when only activated. 2. Cameras show even smaller area with blue corners when activated for the first time, while the perspective looks reasonable though. After switching between Camers the blue corners switch back to Camera Aspect Ratio in a ⅓ of View Window only size as usual for me. 3. Cameras active switch to a Top Plan orthogonal Perspective in View Window when I only activate the visibility of their Class to be able to edit. 4. Crop Frame Scale Editing inlfuences blue corners first, when switching back to 100% it has changed Focal Length (!?) That makes it a little difficult to convert running Projects into VW 2017 if I relay on the old Cameras: (Same for Reflectance Channel Changes) Creating Cameras in an empty File without using any File Templates works so far in first tests for me. But I have not yet changed any of the cameras settings or moer than one Camera at one time that I would usually need to do.
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