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Found 8 results

  1. It took me a lot of messing about to get the new wall closure feature working properly. This is partly because wall closures necessarily have a complex relationship with walls but I think the main problem was that Plug-in Options are tucked away in a contextual menu. And many of the problems I see people having with wall closures (and plug-in object offsets) also relates to the discoverability of Plug-in Options. I've even seen people say they haven't seen the Plug-in Options window before. Plug-in Options are quite a bit more important now that they include wall insertion and wall closure options. Indeed equally important as Settings. I think there's a simple fix for this: every single plug-in object should have a "Plug-in Options..." button in the object Info palette. And if the plug-in has a Style dropdown menu in the OIP, that also needs a "Edit Style Plug-in Options..." option. Examples of people having problems due to this lack of discoverability : https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/65619-ability-to-control-where-a-windowdoor-is-offset-from-in-a-wall/#comment-415277 https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/87667-2022-wall-component-modeling/#comment-405066 https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/87703-any-luck-with-win-door-in-2022/ https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/102011-door-tooloffset-gone/ https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/103702-problem-with-doors-in-v2022/#comment-452794
  2. I modify revision clouds with add and subtract surface commands. For some reason, Vectorworks 2019 remembers the previous configuration and will erase the previous modifications made to the revision cloud. This worked in previous versions of Vectorworks. The lastest service pack vectorworks SP4 does not fix the issue. This does not only effect adding and clipping surfaces.... it effects moves. If you move the revision cloud and then add a surface, the resultant revision cloud will reflect the cloud BEFORE you moved it. I had a similar issue before with a 2D Path Plugin Object that I created, but there was no response. I am having the same exact issue with the cloud revision tool. Adding a surface to the original revision cloud: Then i revise the cloud again by adding another surface: The final shape does not reflect the 1st add surface command.
  3. We'd like the ability to create custom north arrow graphics for the North Arrow plugin object.
  4. I am happy to announce the release of Mouldings plugins version IV. It includes new parametric objects and a vaste library of profiles. Works with Vectorworks 2019 and 2020. More info on the site at https://fitplot.it/vwplugins/mouldings.html Here you can take a look at the Mouldings plugins Manual (Version IV). Use the on site form (scroll to bottom) to get in touch. Here's a short video of the new Frames (array) object suitable for wainscoting, complex doors etc. etc. And here one longer showing other parametric objects in the Mouldings plugins package:
  5. Wondering if anyone can advise on this - I'm having some trouble with control point precision that is leading to erroneous behavior in a plugin object. I detected this issue in part through the debugger. Basically, when I drag a control point, it seems that the values I get when I access its coordinates from inside the scripting environment are truncated to only 6 decimal places. This introduces error into calculations based on that value. I have tested further by creating an object to use as a snapping location, and setting the position of this object to coordinates that require more than 6 decimal places to represent. If I increase the decimal place precision in the document unit preferences, I can see all of these decimal places in the OIP for the reference object. If I drag a control point in my plugin object to snap to this reference object, and then, by setting a breakpoint, inspect the value I get inside my script by accessing the control point (with, for example, vs.PControlPoint01Y), I see the value is still truncated, regardless of the document unit / precision settings. At only 6 decimal places, this can introduce pretty significant error. Is there some obvious thing I am missing to correct this behavior? I would expect that when I snap a control point to a location, the control point would be assigned a value as accurate as possible, or at least as accurate as the document settings indicate. Not sure if this is specific to Python scripting or not.
  6. Trying to delete a class leads to this pop up window: Unable to delete the objects. One or more of the objects that you are trying to delete is a required component or automatically generated component of a plug-in object and cannot be deleted. As shown in the first attachment. I did a custom selection search as seen in the next snapshot. No plug-in objects using that offending class however. Am I missing something or is this a bug? Happy Holidays everyone! Gabriel ------ Vectorworks 2017 with Spotlight Module MacOS High Sierra iMac Retina 5K 27" 2017
  7. The problem with 3rd party plugins is not the money, it's the process. It's the inconvenience of having to install and maintain them. It's the perceived risk involved. You have to buy them through random websites and companies that you have little or no relationship with. What's quality control and security like? Is their plugin popular enough that it will make enough money for them and still be around next year? What do we do if we centre our workflow on a plugin and then it stops being developed? Money is a factor but I would suggest it's the least of people's concerns. What Vectorworks needs, preferably within the application itself, is a marketplace for third party plugins that let's you browse and search for plugins, rate them, review them and download them. It would manage installation and updates automatically and would offer some sort of quality control and security.
  8. Why can't you have a fill opacity set to 50% and it's line set to 100% for plugin objects? Please make this so..
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