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Found 11 results

  1. I would like to be able to search for notes across all Sections of my Notes Database. Sometimes I know that I have created a note in my Note Database, but I am uncertain of which section of the database it is in -- or I may have misfiled it in the wrong database section. Currently the search box in the Notes Manager or the Callout database only searches within each selected Section of the database; There is not an option to search across ALL notes in the Callout / Notes database. Using the Database filter *kind of* works this way, but when use Add Filter to search for something I end up with a bunch of Filters in non-alphabetical order as they're just listed in the order created.
  2. Is there a way to create a printed version of the notes database? I have developed a fairly extensive but organized database divided into drawing type sections as well as keynotes and general notes. The architect I work with says it would be much easier for him when creating redlines if I could print a hardcopy of all of the notes in a section. That way he could just mark out the notes we don't need, edit the notes that need various edits, and write in the notes we need to add. I agree with him because it is way easier for me when adding general notes or keynotes to a drawing if I have a list of what he wants shown. If a particular section is short I can go in and create a list using the general notes tool, but if it is long this becomes really time consuming.
  3. I'm curious to know how many people use the Database Filter in the Notes Manager and Edit Callout windows in the way it's designed to be used: that is, for creating a list of saved searches and retrieving those saved searches. For instance I use it but only because there's currently no other search function for note text. I almost never chose a previously saved 'filter' because I find it faster just to type out another one, therefore using it more like a search field.
  4. Does anybody else have a problem where your Keynote Legend notes (not the actual object itself) will disappear and you need to double click on it to regenerate the notes? I find that it happens pretty consistently having closed VW and coming back to the file the next day.
  5. I think the Notes Database/Notes Manager needs a rethink. There's something fundamentally wrong with it. The ratio between our experience of problems compared to the engineer's ability to reproduce our bugs is too high, so our experience doesn't improve. It's the only piece of Vectworks that I fear to work with anymore. I have bug reports that have been marked as fixed because the engineer found some way to overcome the symptom but the underlying problem doesn't get fixed because it's too difficult to track all the tiny little steps that lead up to the problem. There are too many variables. So the problems keep occurring. I don't know how other CAD vendors deal with notes (I'd be curious to know if anybody can explain) but do they all have the same problems? There's got to be a different approach that's more robust, no? Perhaps we could be given the choice to embed notes databases directly in the file (because the fact that it's a separate file is half the problem in my experience)? Or create a new tool that takes some different approach and eventually deprecate the current tool?
  6. The search field in the Notes Manager and the Edit Callout windows should search the entire note, not just the description. Database Filters (as shown in my first video) are a clumsy substitute for search. Just think about it for a second. If I have to create a filter for each note that I want to search for then all I'm doing is replacing one list with another. Search needs to be a live function and we need to be able to search the entire note, not just the description. This is especially the case when using codes as the description. Screen Recording 2020-01-24 at 09.57.19.mov Screen Recording 2020-01-24 at 10.00.38.mov
  7. I'll often add a Callout by duplicating an existing one and then editing it and adding a note in the Edit Callout window. Problem is once I've done this the old note is still highlighted and I've got to do and search for my new note and click on it before I can add it to the design layer. To solve this the new note should be highlighted when clicking on OK in the Add Note to Database window.
  8. When using the Note Description for Keynote Display we can sort the Keynote list in numerical/alphabetical order by selecting the Keynote, clicking on Edit Notes and then clicking on the Description header. Click again and you can change between ascending and descending. This is great, but I don't want to do this every time I add a note. I want it to remember my choice.
  9. A search field to narrow down choices when looking for a note in the Notes Manager would be great.
  10. When I'm choosing a callout note in the Notes Manager it can be difficult to find what I'm after if I'm using a code for the description. If there was a word search field that would allow us to dynamically narrow down the list of possible notes to choose while we type a search that would be great.
  11. I've been getting more comfortable with Notes manager tool, but there's clearly a lot of improvements that are needed. The thing really frustrating me is this: I often take a series of notes from the database, modify these notes, and then populate a notes legend on my sheet based on the modified notes. This works well when creating the initial callout for a particular modified note. However, I don't see a clear way to "reuse" a modified note via the notes manager. Other than copying and pasting the particular callout annotation, what's the best way to repeatedly use the same callout number/reference as identified in the notes legend? Reusing the actual callout tool (which would be preferred) doesn't seem to provide a path to this. Am I missing something, or is this a wishlist issue? In the notes manager dialogue box, I'd expect to see the list of notes currently active on that sheet as a way to identify a new callout. Even if the notes weren't modified, and can therefore be reused from the master database, it would still be very helpful to see an "active notes" list to speed up selection. Thanks, Matt
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