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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All, hoping someone out here can lend me a hand!?? System Freezes and Screen Goes Black momentarily when running Vectorworks 2024 Designer Suite I was running Vectorworks 2024 Designer Suite on my machine, but with 12GB RAM and 2 x Nvidia Quadro 2000 Cards , each 1GB VRAM. The screen kept going black at random points as i was drawing and modelling a small residential project. Sometimes the system would freeze for a few seconds then come back to life, other times it would crash. I deduced that the times the system was crashing seemed to coincide with an auto save attempt [more often than not] I can seemingly reproduce the blackscreen at will by clicking 'save', when the screen will go black for a few seconds... So I moved my auto save location from my one drive account, to my NAS where I save my project work I also replaced the network card with a PCIE card as I know that the onboard network card had issues with connection dropping out, and wondered if it was having a lag moment when connecting to the internet or network, but the problem is still there with both a PCIE network connection and a USB 2 adaptor to RJ45 network cable Still the problem persists... I had tried to solve the problem after reading recommended hardware requirements, by adding ram [now 48GB] and by adopting a slightly more powerful graphics card Nvidia Quadro 4200 [4GB VRAM] but it really didn't help at all. I have installed the latest graphics driver for my card as well, I have uninstalled the driver and reinstalled the driver... still the issue persists... I searched the knowledge database for "black screen" but didn't find very much apart from advice to reinstall the graphics drivers whilst Vectorworks was not running... that's not helped so far.... Thank you for checking this out - it would be great to know if anyone has solved similar or got any ideas that I can try?
  2. In Vw2024 I saw that there was a new Partner Product called 'VectorMEP -- hoping that finally we would get a usable MEP package included as part of Vw. So I installed the partner product, and the link in the dialog box that pops up for additional information goes to an invalid website. https://www.vectormep.com/Wiki/ Upon restart, I followed the instructions to create a custom VectorMEP workspace, only to learn that this partner product is only for a 30-day demo. I finally found on the website pricing that a license is listed at €550.
  3. In VW2024 Update 1 it seems like you cannot use Find and Modify to change the value of GDTF Fixture. Is this how it is intended to be or am i doing it wrong? I was hoping the value box would allow me to go through the list of imported GDTF fixtures that are in the document. Attached is a screen shot as an example.
  4. Hey there! I recently upgraded to VW 2024 v2, mainly because I was excited about the dynamic cabinets tool showcased in the videos. However, I've noticed that my settings window looks quite different from the one demonstrated in the guides. Oddly, I seem to have fewer options compared to the previous versions, and just so you know, I still have the interiorcad tool from VW 2022 installed. Any thoughts on what might be causing this discrepancy? Your help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a bunch!
  5. Hello to all: Since update to Sonoma, VectorWorks 2024 crash every time I try to open or create a new document. The Menu bar is not visible. This situation happens even with the Viewer version.
  6. I am trying to set up an Equipment list worksheet of independant virtual parts. Every time I export it I get rows not columns. Anyone had any luck getting a list to export ?
  7. I've got 2 different scales appearing in the same drawing. Currently the layers only show other layers of the same scale. There used to be a way to work with Stacked Sheets/Unified View/Legacy functions to get all layers of different scales showing at the same time. I can't find anything like it now. What is the new system to accomplish this?
  8. Playing around with the new door functionality in Vw2024, and it seems that the new Interactive Handing functionality was intended primarily for use in 2D Top / Plan mode. 1) In a 3D view, with the Door tool selected, after you click on a Wall to insert the door, the only hint you have that you have to do something else to insert the door is the hint in the bottom left corner of the screen saying 'Standard Insertion Mode. Set Flip'. 2) The onscreen preview of the door in the wall does not change as you move the cursor around the door opening. 3) The little triangle at the bottom of the door - showing what I presume is the door orientation - doesn't change with respect to moving the mouse around. So it seems that if you insert doors in 3d, then you'll need to go to 2D Top / Plan view to correctly set the door handing. vw2024 door 3d.mov It's a similar situation when inserting a Window; it's waiting for you to set the Flip, but you only get the subtle hint in the bottom left corner.
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