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  1. Hello,

    I am looking to create a report on spaces for mechanicals data as requested by the building department.

    Yes it would be quicker to do that by hand ! but I am set on extracting the data instead. I was able to format the report for most information that I need but I cannot figure out how to get the glazing are and the net glazing area ratio. I can't figure out how to enter the information in the space information panel because it is calculated somehow. I would really appreciate to understand how this is calculated and how to insert the result in my database header. 

    Here is what I am working with.

    Thanks for the help








  2. Believe it or not but some people still use VW10. Yes, and they use the old disconnected computers because…. well, why change!!

    And, on top of that they use only layers to draw everything, floor plans and elevations plus some wall section and plumbing stack diagrams. That’s about all they do and turn quickly small projects that seem to make them good money. 
    So, I do some work for them and although I can feel sometimes frustrated with the process, the straight 2D drafting is refreshing and reminds me of days long gone. 
    I do most of the work on VW2021 because it is so much easier than V10. I then translate to dwg to be able to open on the old computer. When I open the file in VW 10 I get the layers in a weird naming standard. 
    qu: is there a way to DXF to keep the layers as layers in the translation? And the scale to stay at 1/48. 
    i know I’m back in the 🦖 

    thank You

  3. After many years of VW use there is still this command which is incredibly frustrating due to its bad creation process, it is incredible that after such a long availability this command is still incomprehensible. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP. for example below the profile is connected to the corner of the bottom of the walls and top right of the profile but the resulting object is offset. the profile options do not change anything or make extrusion impossible to create. We need another command very quickly. 

    thank you204258254_ScreenShot2021-04-07at16_13_27.thumb.png.aa3233f43364a7787bc03b7bc3dcdc7e.png202953879_ScreenShot2021-04-07at16_13_35.thumb.png.530a50e87fa5b2f78973dd124307786d.png

  4. @Matt Panzer Here is another simplified model for you to look at. When you open the drawing you will find selected, a ghosted piece of lumber, but this item and others will show up in wireframe mode. This ghosted lumber piece shows as a solid addition. When you open it and try to close it that there is a message indicating an impossible addition. This may be an issue but what about the other missing items, 

    I have other files with entire parts of drawings showing the same (or rather not showing ). Could it be an issue with OpenGL rendering?Untitled 1.vwx


  5. If you are talking about topo, in sketchup at least when you download a google earth map view you get the rough topographical information (don't remember the height differences between curves, sorry), then you can import the topo into VW either as a 3D or just the topo curves. Works fairly well although it's a process. Good luck

    If you are talking about 3D buildings I think you can go through a similar process but if I remember correctly the buildings will come as 3D meshes which is less than ideal but that was 3yrs ago since I did that myself

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