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  1. This is the only file (not new files) where this happens. I reduced the file to this one line and saved it with the name below to keep the file setup of the original file for troubleshooting and the issue continues here.

    New files do not seem to show this problem.

    Note: this is a 2021 VW file



  2. I have used walls and doors/windows for years and I am still baffled by how to control the classes inside these. I put my walls on walls-main and the components on their own classes. Doors have their own classes like windows but I seem unable to control what I actually can hide/show out of these. 

    Am I the only one still struggling with these?

  3. I changed the working location for the user data and preference folder to a new location. Can I relocate it to the previous one, I lost all the resources and favorites that I had setup before in the standard vectorworks location. Where should I look for the previous one?

    Please advise how to do that. Thank you

  4. 15 hours ago, shorter said:


    Exactly.  Simple use of class attributes.


    It also depends on where you model, and how you structure your files.  Do you have separate wall and foundation or ground beams layers, for example?


    @shorter @jeff prince

    I use walls for the foundation wall and another type of wall for the footing. Components in my walls are on separate classes I.e. insulation, masonry etc.  The wall itself is inserted on the wall-main class. For foundation they are in the basement layer.  One other issue on top of not being able to change the class visualization for components in a viewport is that I cannot see only the class of the wall component without the wall-main class ON . Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? This may be related to the first issue

  5. On 5/12/2023 at 4:47 PM, jeff prince said:


    No problem.  Yes, that is my opinion.  They give you a lot of power, if you are organized.

    You see that @shorter has a different opinion, but doesn't seem to offer a workable solution 🙂

    Class overrides are very tough to manage, hopefully Vectorworks will release a viewport style workflow sometime soon.

    Until then, data visualization gives you that ability and it can be scripted/automated.


    You can use data visualizations to quickly adjust graphics for visually inspecting the model while in a design layer.  Check out the attached file based on what you posted to get some ideas of this and other applications.  I saved it as 2022, assuming that is what you use.


    Here's one of my old videos on Class Overrides.  If you think about it, they can really get you into trouble quickly compared to applying a data visualization...




    1544093069_datavis-wallexamplev2022.vwx 14.45 MB · 2 downloads


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