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  1. I've just discovered that they doesn't work only in which scripts where I've used FSActlayer function to get an handle to the first object selected in the active layer. I often use this method: select an object (line, arc, text etc.) to get some information to draw another entity. FsActlayer works fine but not in "Edit Group" mode. P.S.: Other scripts work.
  2. Create a 2D Path Object. The script must contain two parts First part is used to obtain the vertex of the poly you draw with your new tool. pHd := getcustomobjectpath(me); n := getvertnum(phd); FOR i:=1 to n DO BEGIN GetPolylineVertex(phd, i, vx, vy, vertexType,arcRadius); END; Second part is used to draw your "poly break line". Inside you must define instruction for drawing break styles. BEGINPOLY; FOR i:=1 TO n DO if vertexType=0 then Addpoint(vx, vy) END; ENDPOLY; I hope to be worthwhile...
  3. When VW document is in "EditGroup" or in " Edit Viewport Annotaion" simple script commands doesn't work. Is there any part of code to add to force them start ? Thanks. AlbertoB. VW 12.5.2 Mac OSX 10.4
  4. With kOnObjPrefEventID, custom dialog now appears only when the user clicks on the preference icon button. My target is make it appear when the user double-clicks on PIO. Thank you very much for your help. AlbertoB.
  5. Reading Example 9 on http://www.vectorlab.info/index.php?title=Events#Example_9, I found out how to display the same dialog of the Preferences event.This is my script: PROCEDURE Example9; CONST kObjOnInitXProperties = 5; kResetEventID = 3; kObjXPropSpecialEdit = 3; kDefaultSpecialEdit = 0; kCustomSpecialEdit = 1; kPropertiesSpecialEdit = 2; kReshapeSpecialEdit = 3; VAR theEvent, theButton?:LONGINT; result?:BOOLEAN; BEGIN vsoGetEventInfo(theEvent, theButton); CASE theEvent OF? kObjOnInitXProperties: BEGIN result?:= SetObjPropCharVS(kObjXPropSpecialEdit, Chr(2)); END;? kResetEventID: BEGIN rect(0,0,50,50); END;? END; END;Run(Example9); How can I create a VW PIO which if double-clicked shows a Custom Dialog ? Could someone help me ? Kind regards. PS. My PIO is a point object an I use VW 12.5.
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