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  1. 10.0.1 on Mac. I have similar problems. I want to use the Space plug-in to do area take offs in a worksheet. I want to multiply the areas of the 'Spaces' by an occupancy load factor. This doesn't seem to work because the Area field of the Space record is formated for text. Does anyone have any ideas? These Space objects are great but what is the point if their areas can't be totalled or multiplied in a worksheet. This is a big problem for us.
  2. Could anyone tell me if they have a script or could write a script that would do the following: I select an instance of a symbol in a drawing then run a script that will select all other instances of that selected symbol. I want to use this in order to edit the records of all the instances of a particular symbol in the drawing simultaneously without having to constantly keep going through the custom selection routine or going throught the drawing and individually selecting instances of the particular symbol. I want to be able to select a single instance of a symbol then in one step select all of the remaining instances. It would also be nice if the script could work for plug-in objects, or another script could be written for plug-in objects. I would greatly appreciate the help. I am using VWA 9.5.3 on a Mac (OS 10.2) Ben
  3. quote: Originally posted by CADD Nark: i know the "trading post" is supposed to be in the works... has it progressed to reality yet?? i know i have several hundred image textures to contribute.... I'm up for it too. A place where we could all trade textures, scripts, symbols, hatches, worksheets and records, in short-everything.
  4. quote: Originally posted by Carl Burns: How about layer, class, sheet in a related matrix...default window/palette opens to a layer/class matrix, but going UP the organization leads to sheet list, returning back down, to layer/class by sheet or to default...much like attributes as current, or default, versus controlled by class. They seem so closely related (layer, class, sheet) it seemed odd, when learning VW, to access them so differently. There is a single place to go. It is called "Layermap" and it seems to be still under developement but NNA has made it available for download. It is even covered in some of the literature. It is basically just what you described, you can control the layer,class, and sheet structure from a single worksheet. I haven't actually used it much but it does deliver what you are after albeit in a rather crude/fledgling form.
  5. quote: Originally posted by NinjaZX7R: Aside from the other issues that I shall bite my tongue about, is there anybody else having problems utilizing the key and note manager tools? Most times, after adding a few notes, as few as two or three, when I hit the "period" key on the keyboard (as in the end of a note's sentence), the keynote/note manager window closes and takes me back to my screen image. If I go back and attempt to add (actually re-add) new notes once again, it will not keep these new notes, even after hitting the enter key. In the end, it takes completely exiting VWA, not just closing the file, but actually quitting and relaunching the entire program. Thing is, again, after attempting to add a few notes, the whole scenario repeats itself. I have replicated the problem on my Powerbook and a second machine, so it appears to by application related and not hardware... Kinda bummed.... Hurting in the productivity department. Probably go back to 8.5.2 to do my notes, then 'port' back into VWA9. Thing is, I am having a hard time finding reason to use 9, as most of the functions I need, still work in 8.x. Static hardware is a G4/500 with ATI Rage Pro 128 card, 768mb RAM, Apple Pro keyboard, 21" Dell Trinitron monitor (yeah, you read that right... Threw the PC crap out the door, using for cannibalizing now...), 60gig HD. Portable hardware is a G4/500 Ti/PB with ATI Rage video, 512mb RAM, 30gig HD. Michael at NNA has told me that 9.0.1 is close, but whether or not it will take care of all the bugs, who's to know. Still, keeping my fingers crossed as I personally have invested way too much money in this whole switch (from AutoCRAP) to go back now... I have been having very similar problems. I can add a few notes then the note manager decides it won't work any more. I have had equally strange things happen with Keynote manager. I should also mention that the "Add Note to Database" menu command and the "Add Keynote to Database" menu command are VERY erratic and have finally just quit working for me. I have experience these problems using 9.0 as well as 9.0.1. The problems have persisted despite reinstalls of Vectorworks as well as after trashing the Vectorworks preferences in the System Folder. All of this suggests to me that the bugs are just not worked out these features. They are in my experienced almost unusable. If anyone has any insight into these issues please let me know. Thanks ------------------ Benjamin Ball
  6. quote: Originally posted by jfmarch: Wish list item- When one runs the script creating scheules, the database worksheet run to the bottom row in the worksheet, leaving no room for notes. If I want to add notes or an abbreviation legend, I have to insert a row to the worksheet which interrupts the database. It takes a little doing to set it straight. It would be nice to allow for a couple extra blank roows at the bottom for user use. there shouldn't be a problem with this. Just drag the lower right corner of the database/worksheet and add a few more rows. You can then enter notes in those rows without any problems
  7. quote: Originally posted by jhutchison: I did some tests. I was using vesion 2.2 with VA9, and it did not work. However, I downgraded to version 2.1.5, and it now works fine. Strange. What is "PrintoPDF"? it sounds like something I could use like the AutoCAD "plt" file. I want to be able to export PDFs of VW9. Does anyone have any suggestions? Ben
  8. Amen, Clicking layers and classes on and off in in one simple place. Adobe has great precedents for this.
  9. Very simple, in fact I've heard that previous versions of this software were capable of this: ALLOW WORKSHEETS TO BE EXPLODABLE (INTO TEXT AND LINES) SO THAT THEY CAN BE EXPORTED AS DWG OR DXF FILES!!!!!!! How hard can it be Nemetschek? Do the people who design Vectorworks actually design anything besides software? Do they actually USE Vectorworks? Sorry for the rhetorical ranting. Also. WHY NOT MAKE THE DATABASE WORKSHEETS WORK BOTH WAYS? THIS SEEMS SO LOGICAL. SO IF I WANT TO EDIT A DOOR SCHEDULE MADE FROM RECORD INFO I DON'T HAVE TO GO TO EACH DOOR AND CHANGE THE INFO IN THE DATA PANE. I CAN CHANGE THE WORKSHEET OR CHANGE THE INFO IN THE PANE. We are in the minority as users of Vectorworks which means that we have to export things for all those AutoCAD users (there are at least 10 times more of them)
  10. quote: Originally posted by Caleb Strockbine: estipro, benis: Can you tell us what version of VectorWorks you're using, and on what platform? I seem to remember someone reporting a similar problem, and I think it ultimately had something to do with the user having renamed the None class. Do your files have a class named 'None' in addition to the ones that are giving you trouble? If you have a file that seems to exhibit a bug, you should always feel free to send it to us along with a description of your system and the version of VectorWorks involved. You can send us files by e-mailing <bugsubmit@nemetschek.net>. Cheers, Caleb Strockbine caleb@nemetschek.net Caleb, You may indeed be correct about the no "none" class. I am going to send you the file so that you can check it out. This file contains a "none" class but it didn't when I first began working on it (someone in my office started the file and probably removed the "none" class or changed it's name to miscellaneous") I started having the blank classes problem when there was no "none" class. I find that the classes in the main classes window sometimes won't match those in the object info pulldown menu or those in the saved sheets class list. Look for the file in your mailbox. It is called 0026.1_6-15-01. Thanks for taking the time to check this out for me. Benk ------------------ Benjamin Ball
  11. quote: Originally posted by estipro: I have encountered a bug where copying and pasting an object can create two classes with the same name, In this case they are named DIM. they came from two objects from the same imported DXF file. Problem. only one of them can be deleted. the other one becomes blank and continously reappears. Annoying but doesn't seem to be causing any other problems. I have experienced the same problem on numerous occasions and it is not fun to try to deal with it. Sometimes there are two of the same class in the class list, sometimes there are classes with no names that keep reappearing, sometimes there are two classes with the same name listed in the object info pallette pull-down while the classes list shows only one. It is a mystery to me. Have you found any answers to this type of problem short of cutting everything out of the file and pasiting it in a new one? ------------------ Benjamin Ball


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