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  1. This has been one of my biggest complaints. Recently the v10 viewer was updated to also open v9 files. This is not a true viewer program. It is simply a version of the full program with a bunch of restrictions in place. Try to open a v9 file and you will get the annoying message that the file is being converted and the file is then renamed with a v10 appended to the name. Why would a viewer have to convert a file in order to view it? On a previous post I had read a response from someone in technical support who said that the viewer was structured the way it is because of a marketing decision. Why can companies like AutoDesk provide viewers that can open all of their previous versions? I have been a MiniCad/VectorWorks user for 10yrs, I started out with MiniCad v1 on the Macintosh. I currently use VectorWorks v10 on the PC. I have always upgraded because of the functionality improvements. Because of Nemetschek's refusal to seriously address the viewer issue, I have had to make use of a PDF writer in order to share files. Even though this works wonderfully, I still waste too much time converting files from earlier versions. James [ 01-13-2003, 04:11 PM: Message edited by: Jsleutel ]
  2. When did this become a bug? I never had this problem in v9. These dimensions seem to have two fills, I think you can turn off the fill but the second fill is unchangeable. My existing drawings are distorted when I convert because the second fill is bigger than the standard fill.
  3. These are a couple of thing I have noticed since installing v10. 1. The background behind dimensions has increased significantly. On drawings where I had dimensions close together it distorts the look of the drawing. 2. I am unable to get the fill to turn off behind dimensions. Note: There seems to be an additional fill box behind the dimension which is larger, obstructive, & unchangeable. 3. When I adjust text size the current size is not highlighted when I open the pull down widow. I then have to go up and highlight it before I can change the size. Has anybody else noticed these problems?
  4. I have requested a true viewer for MiniCad / VectorWorks for years. I was so disapointed when the VectorWorks viewer came out and it would only open the current version. I have spoken with Dan Monaghan (Marketing Director)Nemetschek concerning this. I have also put him in touch with Cimmetry Systems who makes a viewer that seems to open everything except .mcd files (See: www.cimmetry.com). I was disheartened when I saw a post from Technical Support stating that it was a Marketing decision to only support the latest version of the program with their viewer. [ 09-04-2002: Message edited by: Jsleutel ]
  5. I have requested the same thing previously. We have the technology to export everything as an image file. When you try to export something in DXF/DWG format the worksheets do not export. Why can the worksheets not be treated as an image within the drawing when exporting to the DXF/DWG file format?
  6. The problem has persisted each time I have upgraded to a new version. If I open any Vector Works files created in an earlier version, the program renames the file by appending a v9 to the file name. I would like it to open the file without renaming it. When I would save the file it would give me a message like this - This File Was Created In An Earlier Version, Would you like To Upgrade It To Version 10.
  7. I was surprised when I went to see if anybody had responded to my recent post only to find that the topic had been closed. How does a topic become closed? I have included the text from my previous message below.Does anyone else find this to be the most annoying feature of Vector Works? (See Below) Hopefully when you develop v10 we will not get the annoying file name change when we open v9 files. Please develop it like other program developers do, they give you the option of updating the file format when you save the file.
  8. Hopefully when you develope v10 we will not get the annoying file name change when we open v9 files. Please develope it like other program developers do, they give you the option of updating the file format when you save the file. James Sleutel
  9. I am having the same problem or a form of the same problem. I tried to export files to dxf & dwg. When I opened these files I noticied that my worksheets were not being exported. Please Help.
  10. Would you please encourage management to investigate forming a partnership with Cimmetry Systems? They have a viewer that seems to be able to open every type of CAD file except VectorWorks files. Please see my post on the General Discussion Bulletin Board. Cimmetry Systems Inc.124 Mount Auburn St., Suite 200NCambridge, MA, 021381-800-361-1904http://www.cimmetry.com/cimweb.nsf Thank you, James SleutelJames_Sleutel@armstrong.com
  11. Is any one else out there as disappointed with the VectorWorks viewer as I am. I run a cabinet engineering department and would like to supply all of my plants with a viewer and allow them to access the drawings via the network. Unfortunately, the VectorWorks Viewer will only open version 9 files. Why can't Nemetschek supply a true viewer, not a VectorWorks v9 program with allot of blocks put in. In my opinion this program is worthless!! I started looking for third party viewers but couldn't find one that will open .mcd files. I did however find a company that has an impressive viewer that supports a tremendous number of file formats. The company is Cimmetry Systems Inc., and their program is AutoVue. Check out there website (www.cimmetry.com)and look at all of the file formats that their program can view. I spoke with a representative of their company and she suggested that the users should encourage Nemetschek to partner with Cimmetry and allow them to support .mcd files. You can help by flooding this bulletin board with responses to this posting. P.S. Saving the files in a different format (like PDF) is a ridiculous suggestion when you are dealing with thousands of drawings you are trying to make available to everyone in the company. Thank you, James Sleuteljames_Sleutel@armstrong.com
  12. Is any one else disappointed with the new worksheet interface? Everytime I open an old file containing a worksheet in version 9.5, the worksheet size changes and I have to go in and resize objects do get my drawing looking good again. If that is not bad enough, when I am imputting information in a worksheet what you see when your inputting is not what you see on the drawing. When I widen the column to make sure my data fits, I find out that on the drawing it displays alot wider. Does Nemetschek ever use their products?
  13. I like everyone else have had major problems with version 9. Since you are having to fix so many bug's could you possibly add in the functionality that most windows programs provide. OPEN THE FILE IN THE NEW VERSION AND DO NOT CHANGE THE NAME BY APPENDING A v9 OR GOD FORBID A v10. (Give us the option of saving in multiple formats when we save the file, Example: See how Microsoft does it with their programs.) This aspect of the program has been my nemesis ever since MiniCad & I have been requesting you change this every time a new version comes out. Are there any other users out there who think that this would be a desirable feature?
  14. This product is what we definitely need. I am always getting requests to supply my manufacturing locations with files on Disk. A viewer/print program would make this possible. [This message has been edited by Jsleutel (edited 09-13-2000).]
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