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  1. I have a curious situation: I use two monitors: one Apple 24" cinema for the drawing and a 24" Samsung for the palettes on a MacPro 4core (2x3.0GHz). The original ATI Radeon 1900 was not playing well with the Cinema display, so I got a ATI Radeon 3870. Both are connected to this. What would be faster for Rendering: 1. both monitors connected to the newer card, or 2. Apple cinema to the new card and the Samsung to the older card? I have 9gigs of RAM so that's never been an issue. Mark Stech-Novak Restaurant Consultation & Design 935 Aquarius Way Oakland, CA 94611 Tel: 510-601-7142 Fax: 510-601-0335 Email: mark@msnrcd.com Website: http://www.msnrcd.com
  2. I'm running Mac Pro Dual-Core Intel Xeon 3 GHz with 9g ram and ATI Radeon X1900 XT. What pisses me off even more is that for 20 years I've never had a problem with VW and support and when I tried to debunk some of this with tech support a few weeks back the guy blew me off... literally did not reply, or return phone calls. Brave new blood world, thank you.
  3. Is it just me or has VW2009 become bloatware? For all the new bells and whistles, it is the most disappointing debut since I started with Minicad 5. The import of more than one dwg crashes. Open the limit eighth drawing and crash. Open a VW 2008 drawing and crash. Open VW12 one one machine and the network closes VW2009 !! Drawings are slower to open, slower to update when views change, slower renderworks. not much bang for the buck.
  4. Mac. Leopard 10.5.6 dual 3g Xeon... maybe the new posted version will help !
  5. After installing SP2, 2009 quits unexpectedly, and so does 2008 !! Niether will import a dwg without crashing??!!?? Anyone ??? Bueller?? Please do not tell me to reinstall both....
  6. I used VW2008 and export models to Artlantis 1.2.6 for rendering. The PIOs (kitchen cabinets) disappear from the Artlantis models. I've tried exploding them, but to no avail. My export is based on textures. Any help, greatly appreciated ! Mark Stech-Novak Restaurant Consultation & Design 935 Aquarius Way Oakland, CA 94611 Tel: 510-601-7142 Fax: 510-601-0335 Email: mark@msnrcd.com Website: http://www.msnrcd.com
  7. Anyone experience anything like this? I had a HP 488ca plotter working just fine and then installed a new Brother color laser (HL-4070CDW). Something corrupted the driver (ppd) for the 488ca and now cannot plot. The error message is "Gutenprint: 600x600 resolution only available in MONO" It will eventually (15 minutes lag) plot a small portion of the drawing then spool out lots of paper and stop. I've tried reinstalling the printer drivers to no avail....
  8. We often receive dwgs where viewports are set up with the desired classes visible but the design layer has hundreds of undesirable classes all visible all jumbled on top of each other. How can we delete these unwanted classes without hunting and pecking one by one? Sadly the organization menu allows you to see those invisible in the desired viewport, but you cannot select and delete these en masse. Custom selection tools do not seem to offer the kind of help needed either. You would think there would be a way to simply "tag" these clases for deletion in the design layer mode. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. sorry...Mac 10.5 with latest VW2008
  10. if you have a print server JetDirect HP...about $130...you can plot from the GIMP drivers without a problem (except it seems, layer opacity feature in viewports....) Mark Novak
  11. We are plotting VW2008 to an antique HP 488ca. The feature of using layer opacity in viewports does not seem to plot other than at 100% even if dialed down to 5%. Anyone else experiencing this? Our old MO was to create a grey layer, explode all elements and use a grey color with fine, dashed lines. We'ld like to take advantage of this feature if possible... Mark Novak
  12. Charlie, Here's what I work on: Model Name: Mac Pro running Os:10.5.2 VW2008 Designer Model Identifier: MacPro1,1 Processor Name: Dual-Core Intel Xeon Processor Speed: 3 GHz Number Of Processors: 2 Total Number Of Cores: 4 L2 Cache (per processor): 4 MB Memory: 5 GB Bus Speed: 1.33 GHz Boot ROM Version: MP11.005C.B08
  13. I like Artlantis for price and speed...we need some quick down and dirty rendering s with lots of stainless steel...it does a decent job there...I dont know Cinema 4D.
  14. Is this the place to gripe? 1. I seem to crash VW several times a day. 2. VW2008 is quiting on every dwg import. 2. Any files over 100mgs don't seem to do well...corruption message where I cannot save changes. 3. Drawing fonts change completely from one machine to the other in our office. (can Geneva please be banned?) 4. Double clicking too fast on a complex drawing even seems to be rough on this delicate software...where is our robust VW? Mark Stech-Novak
  15. this is why I render in Artlantis...I have a movie working now for 2 days in the background, with very little slow down in effciency...
  16. A curious issue: when moving back and forth between finder and VW, I often can be in VW and the VW menu across the top does not appear, just the finder menu. I need to move to another application, then back to VW to get my menu back. rather buggy.
  17. thanks guys..the issue is that the information is different on all the smbols: shelves, tables, ranges, fryers, hoods...gues I have some tedium ahead. MSN
  18. I have foolishly imported symbols into a drawing with multiple record format names (equipment, equipment1, equipment2, equipment3, etc.) since there was a class named equipment already in the drawing, it asked that I rename the record. Now I need to merge these. The fields are all identical in all 12 (yes 12!) of the mislabeled record formats. Any script of work around I am not aware of? Mark Stech-Novak Restaurant Consultation & Design 935 Aquarius Way Oakland, CA 94611 Tel: 510-601-7142 Fax: 510-601-0335 Email: mark@msnrcd.com Website: http://www.msnrcd.com
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