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  1. I went to adobe and installed mac version of air. I uninstalled vw2010 and re=-installed it then install sp4. help is still not coming up. it says it can 'VWHelp' folder can not be located or has invalid data. says please contact technical help. not sure what else to do at this point.
  2. I installed vw2010 and it works fine but there does not seem to be any vwhelp working. under the Vectorworks 2010 folder only have vwhelp folder no vextorworks 2010help at all. there are two items in the VWHelp folder - net.nemetschek.xml + VectorScript Reference(folder). need some direction on how to get VectorWorks 2010 Help working or installed. I installed 2010 from the DVD and then did the SP4 upgrade online download. Again the application is working fine just no Help files coming up.
  3. The View-Show-Show Hide selection worked for some instances. However it still does not work when ever I put in a dimension element. I thought when you selected associative it would automatically associate what ever end point you clicked on to that dimension. It does not seem to work that way. Another need is to select a dimension and have a way to turn it into an associative dimension. Don't see how to do that either.
  4. Have document settings selected for auto associative but do not see any red squares on dimensions and have tried doing it with and without the auto associative set. Do not understand why it is not working. working with a floor plan using standard objects.
  5. Update on error: I deleted again all I could find on VW2008. Installed from cd, did SP1 upgrade then sp2 upgrade each separately. Still get "could not load XML library error. Re-install VW." Will not attempt install again until I talk to tech support and that there is some different procedure. I see others are having the same issue so it is repeated error and behavior evidently.
  6. (Mac version vw2008) Have deleted app. library prefs, nemetschek files, everything I could find. Install from cd, then install SP2 and Plant database update. Still get XML library error, not able to load. There is something totally wrong here. It would really help if there was a thorough script to 'uninstall' VW2008 completely. I have a sense that some file is not being deleted and is causing this behavior. If there is some other read/write permission or something that needs correctly someone in tech support please advise. Dead in the water now that VW will not startup.
  7. (Mac Version VW2008) I have completely deleted everything I can find on VW and Nemetschek in preferences, applicaiton support and applications. I re-installed from the CD VW2008 and then installed SP2 and Plants database update. When I go to start up VW I still get the 'could not load xmllibrary'. I am at a complete loss. Will have to wait till tech support comes on MOnday I guess. this is totally wrong not having a repeated process for uninstalling VW and the installer not working. This is very frustrating!!!
  8. yes, I have the library there and it has right read/write but still it does'nt allow VW2008 to start still so still trying different things.
  9. I have same problem as RKD so hope we can get a script from tech support that will remove VW2008 from my Mac running Leopard. I have even had tech support lead me through deleting several preference files but there must have been one or two missed. We need a script that can thoroughly remove VW2008 so we can re-install.
  10. I need to save a 2008 file to VW-10 for someone to review since they have VW-10. The export feature only goes to VW-11. Is there another way that does not lose any details in the save function?
  11. MTB

    Newbie question 2

    I thought you could get detailed drawings from mfg. in dxf or dwg formats and use them as templates. when I modify a door or a window I do not see a way to save it like you do a wall. that doesn't make sense. Got any hints.
  12. I see there are files from Marvin windows that I am thinking could be used as object in the plan. I just don't see a easy way to select the file that defines the specific window that I want to use in a specific location. I just figure there is much easier way to use mfg. details than doing them manually.
  13. Your right Peter, I'm not earning money with this just doing some personal work. If I were then would have started with the course like you said. Thanks for you help.
  14. thanks Peter, will try the new design layer option. I'm still really new using VW so this will be slow no matter what. Did not take a course and not an architect so OJT is all I've got for now. It will work out I"m sure. Thanks
  15. Have a floor plan which was created with lines in designer and want to convert it to arch with wall objects etc. Is there a clever tool in VW that can make this easy to do rather than completely redraw the floor plan using wall creations?
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