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  1. And Mac OS 10.11.6 Tried changing setting around but it still seems that lines change.
  2. I would like to add my name to this pile as well. We have three users with Mac, and both 2016 and 2017 and the pdf's look as though that they have a rendering filter applied that makes it look like it was drawn by a crayon. We to would like to know how to keep PDFs as vectors.
  3. Does this link work for anyone else? Tried updating on a pc and it seems to have jacked everything up. Both my 4.0 install and 2017 install won't even open anymore. Thoughts? Tried uninstalls, restarts to no avail.
  4. when I installed mine on the mac book pro it asked for the serial the first time I ran the program not during install
  5. from being an end user in a class that used this, we all had to add the serial key that is used for the license so that we all could connect, long as there is a network, the dongle and keys are all correct and the dongle computer and the dongle itself stay connected it should work
  6. O and any suggestions on a good visualizer program? to run with vectorworks12.5.2?
  7. Mk so I got it all working now and I am wondering a few things... I forgot where you edit the page and print area so that you can print say full plots or like 11 by 17? Also whats with the what looks like 8 1/2 x 11 Template that stciks with you even in the isometrics? Sorry to ask such easy questions but just cant seem to get it
  8. Well I had to reinstall, becsuse it told me to... :crazy: But I did and it now works... Just have to get used to this part of the program, I know it can build houses but now to apply it to my lighting should be fun! And does anyone have suggestions on learning material? I am a student and at the moment paying 80$ bucks for the training cd is kinda crazy.... thanks again John
  9. Hey all brand new to the forums here but have a few quick questions I had used vectorworks before in a school setting and allways had "templates set up to start drawing. Just got version 12.5 and installed and I cant for the life of me draw anything... and I also can not get the fixtures into vectorworks... let me know if anyone knows the answers! shoot me an email or post if you can... thanks! John
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