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  1. Paul, Thank you for the update. It's clear a lot of bugs were fixed in this release. I think the forum's frustration was not getting any sense of what the release actually did when it appeared online the first day. I know, in my own case, if VW goes down I can have serious problems with my work so having an idea what to look for in an upgrade, even if only a minimal description, makes me feel more secure as I test out the update. True enough, the brief description about the major changes was sufficient but I think everyone was just expecting that summary at the outset instead of having to beg for it. Thank you for including a part of the bug-fix list as well - it is interesting to see what's happening 'under the hood' and I am glad to see it seems the loss of drawing origin upon reset of a rotated Design Sheet seems to be fixed. Anyway, I'm off to update now...
  2. But still no change log? Nemetchek - may we have access to this please? It would make me feel much more secure to read that document before upgrading.
  3. I would also recommend importing the dwg into an empty file first, making sure it's ok, then save it. I would then copy/paste your plot into the new document. This process may help you trouble shoot, make sure you don't mess up your original file and leave you with a clean import of the venue.
  4. you could also add a second graphics card with DVI but the adc-dvi adapter will probably cost about the same (it's not cheap). Also, try to upgrade to 10.4.x if you can. You'll see benefits across the board, including in VW.
  5. You've got the possibility to have dual monitors with that machine in mirrored or extended mode. You will probably need an ADC-DVI adapter to make use of the second connection on the graphics card. After the second screen is hooked up you will find all in you need in Displays pane of your system preferences.
  6. I'm not sure but v13 has a very helpful feature where you are able to export a text file of your workspace - in this way you can scan a copy of what you have side by side with another workspace as you modify. It's a great time saver (I used to make endless screenshots of the menu tree)
  7. Si670m Bluetooth? Wireless Notebook Mouse has right and left scrolling, bluetooth so no dongle and power off switch to save battery. also small enough for traveling but big enough for your hand.
  8. I agree with Shaun, VW, like many apps, does not always generate the smallest PDF out there. I routinely run PDFCompress on pdf files that seem too big upon save.
  9. yes there is. what is your system configuration on the 1st computer and on the second? what version of VW do you use?
  10. In truth, as I work with Sam Jones' Autoplot Tools for Spotlight I don't really bother with creating reports manually inside VW. Sam's macros work well if you need edit in a table within VW. I agree, the built-in Spotlight is not very powerful and it does not allow two-way adaption but I have only ever tried the Reports command which does, in fact, work bi-directionally. If you use Lightwright and have Sam's macros installed then you can send information in and out of VW with relative ease. While the Reports feature may be good for architectural spreadsheets (counting doors, etc) I am not sure it is flexible enough for a typical lighting design.
  11. The Reports available in Architect (and spotlight I think) are bi-directional so if you edit a field value it will show up immediately on the smart object.
  12. I think in 12.5+ importing sketchup is one of the workspace features. There used to be a Sketchup plug in so v11 (and that maybe referenced the Rosetta note) but that plug in is now outdated. You should use the built-in importing if you're not already.
  13. www.fieldtemplate.com not free but well worth the cost if you are working frequently on lighting design. VW Spotlight comes with some of its own symbols as well but they are nothing compared to what Steve Shelley out together in Field Template.
  14. right - this works - but don't you think it would just be easier if the tool was more powerful? After converting the object to a 3D polygon it is no longer intelligent so to edit the truss one must start over with the object.
  15. Do you mean edit the 2D Component? Editing the insertion point does not really have that option. And, in order to edit it in that way first I have to turn it into a lighting position so I can edit it as a symbol. Once done, I can draw in a rectangle of the right dimension to represent the 2D form but if I delete the truss then the symbol no longer has the truss component in 3D. How would you suggest to edit the 2D Component to see the object as it should be in plan?
  16. If I try to draw a flat truss in VW I can rotate the symbol on the Truss Tool so that the truss hangs up-down (chords top and bottom) but the 2D symbol always shows the truss as if it were hanging flat left-right (chords on sides) which is something that structurally would almost never be done. Am I missing something or is the tool not behaving properly for flat truss? If not, can Nemetchek please modify the tool so flat truss will only show one chord in Top/Plan 2D view if the Truss is rotated so that it hangs up-down. many thanks.
  17. Spotlight does this automatically. Just go to the light position object palate and turn on Position summary and auto-numbering. Make sure that you have placed the instrument with the Instrument Insertion Tool.
  18. While this has stumped me for some time I think I finally found a way justify text (at least left, center, right) for LPO labels. In order to set the justification of a label make sure that Position Summary is unchecked and nothing is selected. Open the Format Text... menu and set Left-Center-Right justification (vertical justification does not seem to work), and the font size if you want. Then select your LPO and check Position Summary. The label will now take the proper justification instruction along with the font, etc. With Position Summary checked you can still modify font type, size and style from with Format Text ...menu but you cannot change the justification unless you turn off Position Summary and start the process again. Is this what other people see? I am relieved to have found the key to it but I think the behavior of the LPO is odd and inconsistent.
  19. alright - that's a good trick thanks.
  20. Ok - thanks for the followup. I have removed it from my Spotlight palate. I am not so familiar with the workings of vsm and vso files so perhaps that was my misstep. In any case, I appreciate the plug-in. It seems to work well. Would you consider adding the same functionality to polygons?
  21. Ok. Sure. But, perhaps I was confused as I found the tool available in the Tools section of my workspace browser. Maybe you're not aware of that - can I send you a screenshot?
  22. "Did you put both in your Plug-Ins folder?" yes "Did you only add "Curtain From..." to your WorkSpace?" no "Are you running that command on a selected arc or line?" yes, and it works "The only way I get invisible (non-existent) objects is if I try to run LandruCurtain by itself - which it was not created to do." The command works...it's the tool that does not - I put it into a tool palate and it activates fine - it just disappears after the final step of creation - no curtain object appears although it is selected.
  23. Hi C. Andrew, Thanks for the plug-in and the updated link. I am having some difficulty with it. I added the plug-ins to my workspace. I ran the tool and everything seems fine but the curtain object created seems to be invisible. Is this tool working in VW 2008 or only for v12? Many thanks. ---- sorry - I see that the menu tool - "Curtain from..." works fine! The tool to make a curtain from scratch creates an invisible object for me even though if I do a select all the OIP shows 1 object selected - your curtain with its data. Any ideas?
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