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  1. Thanks very much! That will help no end!
  2. I would like to know how to write the script for copy an object and then delete that object! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Arch

    View control

    you can do that in the workspace editor for previous view and next view!
  4. check on the top line above the drarwing when you have the cursor selected that the line with arrows on both ends is depressed. This sometimes switches off all on its own accord for me!
  5. I have tried a similar layout and I haven't found a problem! The only thing that can be wrong is that all the end points aren't touching! Try using the connect/combine tool with the 2nd preference checked on the top line (dual object connect) to join the walls. This will make a polygon of all the walls and hopefully fill them properly too!
  6. you can also double click on the eyedropper tool and check the boxes that say set as default and record. This will make the class active and then if you go to the classes menu that class is selected and easy to turn off! You then have to change what the current class is though!
  7. Anyone out there know what the vectorscript is for pan so I can put it on my context click menu? Thanks
  8. just answered my own question - just rotate the viewport!!!
  9. Is there any way that I can set up a viewport that rotates the shown drawing by a specific angle without changing the design layer drawing? An example would be to fit a drawing on an A1 sheet by rotating the view when the original North South orientation doesn't fit so the viewport will show the drawing with the North South orientation at say, 45?. I hope this makes sense Thanks Dee
  10. There is a tool on vectorbits.com that will do just this!
  11. You can! Choose the eye dropper tool and then go into its settings and tick the boxes that say 'pick up sets defaults'.
  12. the help menu (or F1) should bring up the internet - if this is any use to you?!!
  13. As far as I am aware patterns do not translate in AutoCAD. You have to draw everything in hatches which translate ok
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