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  1. Ok, thanks. I eagerly await SP3 then....
  2. If I import a PDF into a viewport, I can't see it. It's there, I can click on it. I can also see it for a split second when I'm zooming and things are refreshing. And it even prints too! But why can't I see it otherwise?? Things work much better when I import a PDF into a design layer, but I used to be able to bring them into a sheet layer too. As an aside, and maybe related - why does everything feel so laboured and clunky with VW2019? Something is going on with this software, and it's hard to put into words.
  3. Something is up regarding hatch scales when adjusted using the attributes tool. I have a wood hatch that I've used for years. For some reason, when I have this hatch on a sheet layer viewport, and adjust it to look the way I want, it doesn't print that way. It prints at a way smaller scale than I've set. I can see something is wrong when I zoom in and out the hatch momentarily displays at the small scale, then reverts back to what I set. See attached screen shots. The wider, more open hatch is a screen shot of the actual sheet layer. The second one is a PDF output of the sheet layer - the hatch is so tight it basically appears grey. I just tried a few other hatches. They seem to work fine on PDF output, but the zooming issue persists...it flashes at a different scale than it's supposed to. I've attached a file with a sample of the wood hatch that is giving me the problems. Any help would be appreciated. *EDIT* I should add that because of the refreshing of the hatch at different scales, there's a whole lot of *winking* going on when zooming on sheet layers. In fact, there's a lot of *winking* going on in general with 2019 where things need a moment to refresh after being blurred while zooming. 2016 did not have this problem, in fact it feels downright snappy compared to 2019. 2019 always feels like it's labouring on everything. Annoying.... *ONE MORE EDIT* I just discovered - I drew a line across one of the hatched rectangles, and a small section of hatch appeared at the line that seems to be at the scale that is getting printed. Screen shot attached. Strange behaviour.... Thanks hatch file.vwx temp.pdf
  4. I have the same problem. It used to autoscroll when you moved the mouse way off the screen. Now it's very particular as to when it will and will not autoscroll. I upgraded to 2019 from 2016, so I'm not sure when this changed, but I'd like it to go back to the way it was...
  5. I find that I have to click the object twice with the bucket to drop down the proper attributes.
  6. That Yes, my pointer was always inside the wall, and locked to vert/horiz but the doors still jumped out. The ONLY thing that seemed to mitigate the problem a little bit was if the entire door was in view, not just the frame. Either way, Jim's suggestion seems to have me back on track.... Thanks for the replies.
  7. Ah, thank you. This was driving me nuts....
  8. I draw a wall. Place a door. Everything is fine. I want to adjust the location of the door in the wall, so I grab it by the door frame and drag into position. Most of the time it jumps out of the wall. Why? It doesn't do it all the time, but about 90% of the time. I used to be able to do this reliably in previous versions.... Thoughts? Thanks in advance for any replies.... VW 2019 SP2 OSX El Capitan 10.11.6
  9. Maybe has something to do with this.
  10. Well, I just tried to replicate it to get a bug report together, and it's no longer doing it. If it comes back again I will definitely file it as a bug. I'm not sure if one of the SP's fixed it, or if it was a random glitch.
  11. This happens to me too. Like you say, annoying but not a deal-breaker. There are a lot of things not quite right with VW2019. Hopefully things get sorted out over the next few service packs.
  12. Ok, good to know. I recently upgraded from 2016 with no render works, so there's a lot of new stuff to learn.
  13. That worked! Thanks. Plus, I didn't even have to adjust it after making the change so it didn't crash.
  14. I get a consistent crash of VW 2019 Architect SP1.1 when I try to adjust the attribute mapping of a RW texture. I'm just trying to change the wood grain direction on anything will likely cause a crash. For sure if I hit the 'X' key at anytime to cancel out the operation. On top of that, and this may just be me as I'm new to RW, but sometimes I can get the grain direction to adjust on different faces independently, and sometimes I can't. I don't know why. I've attached a file. I just want the grain to run horizontally on the top of the bench, as well as around the sides and ends. I can't get it to show that way. Plus it crashes everytime I try anyway. corridor 701 bench details for VW.vwx
  15. Ride

    2019 SP1 is FUBAR

    Yeah, what is going on? I've had nothing but glitchy, unstable behaviour since I installed 2019. Now worse after SP1. In fact, I just had to export my file back to 2016 so I can get something done. Problem is, the glitchy-ness is so random, I can't nail it down to offer tech support anything to dig into. Chances are, something that didn't work before re-starting all the sudden works, but something else breaks. I actually pulled the trigger on this upgrade in particular as it was touted as being "about quality". A bit frustrating....
  16. Ah. The callout tool is taking the marker information from the design layer settings, not the callout tool settings. Once I changed my design layer to the open arrow, it works. What's strange, is that the design layer marker was set to a filled arrow. Maybe if the callout tool marker settings don't agree with the design layer marker settings - it shows nothing? Either, way - I think the marker settings should be controlled by the callout tool settings, not the design layer.
  17. Hmmm. Strange. I just tried a new blank file, and it works fine. Must be a setting somewhere in my template file. I will dig a little deeper later today to see what I can find. Thanks for your help.
  18. Really? A CAD program where the dimensions don't work properly?? Here goes: - when placing dimensions, they respect the chosen units, and precision - if I change to different units (i.e.: inches to mm), the dimensions update accordingly - if I change the precision of units (i.e.: 1mm, to 0.1mm), existing dimenisons ignore the change - new dimensions placed with the updated precision use the selected precision - if I want existing dimensions to use the new precision, I have to update those manually Please don't tell me this is WaD. Certainly you must be able to change the precision of the dimensions in the document, and have all the dimensions update accordingly. Interesting to note too - I came from VW 2106, where changing dimension units resulted in all sorts of precision problems. You would think dimensioning in a CAD program of all things would be rock-solid.
  19. Thank you. I'll check this out.
  20. Hi. I'm new to VW 2019 from 2016, and I find the new title block features less than intuitive. I watched a video from Jonathan Pickup, and set up a new title block from scratch. But, when I go the the sheet data, and change the date, it only changes it for the title block I'm editing. How do I get it to update all the title blocks? There must be a way but I'm not seeing it.
  21. VW2019, Mac. The callout tool doesn't automatically apply the chosen arrow to the end of the line. I have an open arrow selected, but when I insert a callout, there is no arrow. I have to toggle the arrow off, and back on manually in the attributes palatte to get them to show. I have to do this for every callout. This happens with new, and existing files. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  22. Thanks for the replies....I'll give Tiles a go.
  23. Is it possible to create a hatch pattern that has an alternating fill colour? See attached. Seems this should be simple, but I can't get anything to work. Thoughts?
  24. Thanks, Alan. That helped tremendously. Much appreciated...
  25. Hi All. I need some help modelling a reception desk. I don't necessarily need all the structure details, just the massing model so that I can cut some sections through it to create a frame from which to build the desk. My knowledge of 3D features in VW is fairly limited (I find all the different options a bit confusing as to what to use, when and why). I tried to model this a few different ways with limited success. There must be a way to create a nurbs surface, or another surface of the desk front that can be subtracted from a larger overall model. Can anyone offer some advice? Thanks in advance. Also, I'm using VW 2016, Architect, mac version. reception desk.pdf
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