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  1. I have the same problem with my version of 2008. I have recently upgraded from 12.5 (and this problem didn't exist in 12.5). In my case, if I try to change the size of a rectangle with any vertex constrained, after the change in size the rectangle moves out of position by a small amount. Very frustrating. I constantly have to re-place items after I change their size. I think it's a bug in 2008. I'm using a macbook pro w/ 10.5 installed.
  2. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this: My call-out tool is always using the arrowhead style set by class, instead of the call-out tool preferences. No matter what style arrowhead I set in the call-out tool, it will only use the style of the active class. (This wasn't the case when I was using 12.5) I'm using VW 2008 with SP2 installed on a Macbook Pro. Thanks Ken
  3. Just wondering if it was possible to print greyscale from Vectorworks (12.5) to an HP 1012 laser. I normally set my preferences to "black and white only" just prior to printing, otherwise my coloured lines print fuzzy. But, of course, when I do that, any shading added to my drawing disappears. The closest I can get is to add a pattern to approximate greyscale, but it's not quite right. I do know that if I print to PDF first, then to the printer, the greyscale comes out smooth. But that's not really the answer I'm looking for.... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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