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  1. Could someone help with understanding "ignore source user origin"? As I see it, one can set up a work group reference. By checking ignore source user origin the link is not updated. The same result can be achieved by deleting the reference but keeping the contents of it in the drawing. Right? The difference is that the ignore source option is reversible? How is this different from manual update?
  2. Thanks for sharing Christiaan. We have been embracing the sheet idea as fast as we can but this idea hasn't struck anyone here yet. I can see how this could make our lives much easier. Particularly given that we do a lot of of early programing with dumb colored blocks. Do you manage this through templates?
  3. Thank jf good to know this is on the radar. VW can be so great and so exasperating. (like everything else CAD I suppose.)
  4. Ahh, has it shown up in the wish list yet? Or should I go bopping over there and make the suggestion?
  5. Yes they are in the reference browser. As I mentioned in my first post the quick fix is to break the reference. The problem is that there does not seem to be a way to ascertain from where a symbol has been referenced. This seems to be a basic piece of information. Being able to reference a symbol is a great thing. Not knowing where it is coming from makes the referencing a much less useful tool. It would be lovely to hear from Nemetschek on this--I sort of can't believe that no one else is interested in having traceable references.
  6. No new template. The symbols are resetting to the old version--referenced in from some unknown file. Thus the desire to track it down. I can think of other times that this would be useful. (Actually it seems quite weird to me that there VW is set up to have blind references.)
  7. Is there anyway to figure out from where a symbol is referenced? We have some really old project with no institutional memory anymore. Some symbols are resetting themselves. The quick fix is to break the reference. But it seems that one should be able to use the resource browser to figure out where the symbol lives.
  8. This is a great discussion. It has been interesting to watch how the old VW hands in my office have struggled with the sheet layers more than those of use who have more experience in other CAD programs. But they have all come around. It may take a different kind of set up, but the sheet layer function is great. The one thing I would like to bring up is that while Petri is correct that layer scale is smoke and mirrors it is still something we seem to be stuck with. Please correct me if I am wrong. We investigated setting up our design layers in 1:1 and there were a couple of issues. Problems that came up included too much zooming when moving between sheet and design layer, hatch scale issues and most critically text size issues. For example the space tool will not allow any text larger than 48 point. For a 1:1 drawing text is much larger than that. So while design layer scale isn't really needed anymore, it is unavoidable. Right?
  9. Yes, so I have finally realized. Thanks though. Something for the wish list.
  10. Please! I finally copied my spreadsheet into Excel so I could sort it and _see_ it. Regular text in VW requires so much zooming already and with the worksheet that isn't even an option.
  11. To answer my own question, worksheet sorting seems to be dependent on using a database not a spreadsheet. So I tried copying out my worksheet into Excel, sorting it there and bringing it back into the worksheet. Seems to work for this simple task.
  12. I did a search and found Blink's eureka: Eureka, turn on the DATABASE HEADERS and selct a ROW header, not a COLUMN header and drag the little icons to the DATABASE HEADER! It worked...I get to sleep tonight! Thanks for the nudge... But I have to day I am still slightly baffled. I have a worksheet set up with a fairly standard interior finish schedule. I want it to sort by room number, the first column. Nothing I seem to do (ie. turning on Database Headers doesn't seem to do anything but give me a nice check mark in the pull down menu.) seems to activate the sort ascending / descending icons. Do they only interact with more complex record/pio based worksheets not the simple fill in the blank thing I am using. Any help much appreciated.
  13. What Travis said. In more detail, make a regular text box and type three words with a return in-between each: long room name Then highlight the whole thing with the text tool, ctrl C and ctrl V in the Obj. Info box under Room Name. Should work.
  14. The only work around I have found is to copy multi-line text into the room name box--I often have three lines of text in a room name. Once it is in there you can edit it or remove a line you just can't add one. If you search the archives I think you will find that the desire for multi-line text is an ongoing one from VW users. Hope this helps.
  15. thank Mike--I don't know why this one didn't come up when I googled but it is great to know about.
  16. That is the VectorDepot I am familiar with--is there a new site?
  17. Perfect, thanks Kevin. (Wouldn't it make more sense if the names of viewports could be edited the same way that classes and layers are?)
  18. Is there a way to edit the name of a viewport?
  19. I am wondering if anyone works this way. We upgraded from VW10 fairly recently to 12.5.1. With the sheet layer function it seems that one could work at 1:1 in the design layers and then set the printing scale in the viewport (like many other Cad programs). Some initial exploration seems to show that it will work. The only problem seems to be shifting back and forth from sheet layer to design layer can be difficult because of the scale issues. Thoughts?
  20. Thanks Christiaan. Usually I do a search before posting--missed it this time. For the current problem we are having in the office the linked layers is working okay but I have to agree with everyone that rotated views is a really important feature for VW to have.
  21. So is there a way to save different rotated views in VW? If I have a building that has several different non-90 degree angles in plan it would be easier to work on the different parts if I could save the views rotated to be orthogonal on my screen. (AutoCad handles this with the UCS function) I am sure there is a nifty way to deal with this in VW but I haven't been able to find anything so far.
  22. Got it--with some help. I was mislead by the Hatches folder in the Libraries folder and missed the more important Defaults folder. So I have learned a valuable lesson--read other people's posts carefully! (Rhetorical question only, I don't really want to know, but what the heck is that other Hatches folder for? Obfuscation?)
  23. Thanks Katie good to know other people are wishing with me.
  24. Having worked out some bugs in our system I am becoming a big fan of the standard VW labels. That said, in the Room Name Simple I always get areas to the nearest two decimal places: 506.00 sf. For my current purposes rounding to the nearest square foot is accurate enough. And I don't want to use up precious drawing space on decimals and extra numbers. Is there a way to edit this function?
  25. Go to the workgroup references window, select the file you want to replace and click edit. In the edit window browse to the new file and choose it. The new file will now be referenced into your drawing, replacing the original file.


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