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  1. We use Taproot's method coupled with workgroup referencing. Our title block is its own file WGR into the design layer. That way you can edit items (ie date) once and not have to mess with the viewports.
  2. I know that every program will have its issues, particularly complicated ones like cad programs. Like I agreed before, the world isn't perfect, but NNA deserves and should address this criticism. What I am trying to convey is that NNA knew of the issue beforehand. If they knew they could have informed its users. If they would inform their users, the users could in turn avoid mistakes that would cause extensive redesign or worse. While it may not be NNA's official position, an NNA rep has stated that it would be impractical to post known issues. Other cad programs offer such a resource, and I am surprised that more VW users aren't requesting this information. Without such a resource aren't we all in essence beta version testers? I'm not claiming to be perfect, but I also don't think I'm over-emphasizing the issue.
  3. Katie, Thanks for responding to my post. Have you read my other post regarding ceiling grids? Does NNA really not keep track of issues to be addressed with their program? If a list does exist, would it really be that difficult to post this information daily or even weekly? Other CAD programs offer this type of information (ex. if you have "x" installed on your machine "y " might happen and "z" is how you fix/avoid the issue) publicly and it is a valuable resource. If you consider just my one example of grids and the cumulative time/money required to go back and edit cost estimates of all the users that relied on this tool, I think you would find that posting such a list wouldn't really be impractical. I am very disappointed with NNA on this issue.
  4. Is no one else interested in this? Please see my other post.
  5. I agree that sh!t happens, but you are missing clb's point. In this case, NNA knew it was going to happen. Luckily I was able to catch this before it was too late. I agree with clb that this is a very serious issue, and it deserves more than some flippant remarks from other forum users. I have posted a request for a list of known bugs elsewhere on this forum, but curiously have not gotten any response from NNA. Not being able to draw things a certain way or getting odd graphic behavior is one thing. But, when VW gives incorrect information and NNA knew that it would is another problem all together. I think that at least NNA should notify it's users of known issues, particularly those that give incorrect quanities. At the very least, a notice that VW cannot be relied upon to give correct measurements should be given. VW's liscense agreement states that NNA does not warrant the program from being error free, but I wonder just when negligence kicks in if a specific error was known but not immeadiately addressed. Is output of false/incorrect information considered a "program error"? How far should we users extend trust in the program? Do we actually trust dimensions that are generated with the dimension tool? Do we trust results given by the tape measure tool when determining a roof slope? Do we trust the wall thickness that is diplayed when drawing our plans? Do we trust that proportions displayed by a 3D model are accurate? My exaggeration may sound like paranoia, but I ask what's the point of using a program if you cannot rely on its accuracy? I suppose I should go call my liability insurance carrier....
  6. I am running 10.4.10, but I haven't run disk utility in a couple of weeks. Will try and post results.
  7. I have also noticed this behavior with site model objects. I moved the object to see if I had an overlapping object that might be hiding my edits. I didn't have overlapping objects, but moving the model updated the change.
  8. Is it possible to copy a saved view from one file to another?
  9. This could be kept on this forum and edited as new updates come out. I jus tthink it would be a good resource for trouble shooting. Also, users could avoid errors altogether if the information was available beforehand.
  10. Keep in mind that objects pasted from one file to another will change to the current layer in the target file. Objects pasted will retain their class information. In other words you can copy classes by pasting objects, but you cannot copy layers by pasting objects. The fact that pasting an item can potentially change its layer may take some getting used to if you are coming from Autocad land. I've questioned this aspect of pasting functionality on this forum without explanation. Oh well. You can create identical layers/classes in a new file by clicking the "new" button in the Design Layers/Classes dialogue box and chosing the "create new layer/class from standard" option. For this to work you must first place the file with the layer/class that you want to copy into the "Standards" folder (Mac Version). You won't be able to copy objects in the layers/classes this way, but this could be useful if you need to populate cad standards into various files.
  11. Does this exist anywhere??? I guess I understand if it doesn't, but it would be nice to know of them if possible.
  12. You have to reference the floor plans into the master schedule file for the schedule to show correctly. Unfortunately that means each floors plan layer needs to have a different name. I learned that the hard way. That's about as far as I was able to get with door scheduling. I wasn't able to get the schedules to update and preserve the format of the schedule. If you figure this out please follow up with a post! Currently my plan is to abandon the door schedule and start over with a "dumb" lines/text version. By the way, we also have each floor on a separate file, because we need to have more than one person working on the project at a time.
  13. Is there a listing of known bugs somewhere? This resulted in a $680,000 error in my cost estimate! It would be nice if I could avoid future mistakes like this.....
  14. During a recent cost estimate I noticed that my ceiling grid takeoff was roughly double my floor area. It seems that ceiling grid object show double the actual area in the object info pallet. Is this a bug? Could I be creating my grids incorrectly? After using the "covert objects to polygons" command, I noticed that grid objects become a group containing two closed polygons and four single line polygons. Anybody else notice this? A quick search of the forum didn't give any results.
  15. It would be nice if the escape key or some other key command could be used to exit groups rather than clicking the button on the screen.
  16. We draw revision clouds on one class in the design layer and add a small date text object near each cloud. It would speed up the process if the text option were part of the cloud tool.
  17. jwouellette, Thanks for the input. We are editing the columns shown in the worksheet after it has been created. Does this terminate the one way information connection? I can't seem to get the schedule to update for some reason and I am thinking that is it.
  18. Does anyone use the schedule tool for door schedules? Should I even try?
  19. We have created a door schedule that references several different floor plans. We have then changed the formatting of the resulting worksheet to show the correct types of columns we want in the schedule. This is probably a silly question but is it possible to edit cells within the worksheet that is created by the schedule? If so where? When we try to edit the cells directly, we can only select an entire column or row. If we change information within the doors (data tab within the door settings) on the plan the change does not show up when we update the WGR or recalculate the column in the worksheet. Should we be defining the parameters of the schedule before creating the worksheet? If so how? Is it just me or is this alot more difficult than it should be?
  20. I do have the adjust flipped text turned on. If someone created the file did not have the option turned on, would that cause the problem? The text objects are part of a WGR. Does that make a difference? If I turn off the option to adjust flipped text, it displays correctly, but it would be nice if I didn't have to turn this option off and on when I use this file.
  21. I am having an issue where text appears correctly in the design layer but flips incorrectly in the viewport. Any idea why this might be?
  22. I've been working with the grid tool lately, and it works prettey well. Does anyone know how to use or why it doesn't work to use curves in conjuntion with the tool. I've even tried using the clip tool to get curves but still no dice.
  23. Thanks for the help guys! I was able to get the schedule to show the correct doors. I was also able to figure out how to sort the door number column. I'm having trouble with adding a row to the schedule to call out the different floor levels within the schedule. When I add a row, it follows the sorting for the door numbering, which forces the row to the top. Is it possible put the row where I need it?
  24. Nobody has input? How does everyone else create their door schedules if mutiple plan files are used for a project?
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