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  1. I was coping and pasting (in 2D) a simple group of a polygon, line and a text box while zoomed in. The file crashed (as it sometimes does with VW as if you are asking it to do too much at once) however it will not reopen. I can open VW and can open other files but when trying to open this file it acts as if it will open it but then pauses and crashes VW. I am running OS 10.4.1 and VW 12.5.2. And there was not a backup file made to try opening. Any ideas or suggestions?
  2. AHHHH!!!! YEah! The site modifyer. Thank you! That will save so much time if I can create if from a polyline. Thank you for all your help. I will work on the fence. Your advice has been most helpful. I think VW has given up on me.
  3. Here is the next issue concerning "pads" in the terrain model. I have a swimming pool in a hillside. I created a pad at the pool deck level. Looks great. I now need to cut out the actual pool from the deck level. I can't create a pad within a pad in order to have the pool floor be at a lower level. The reason I am trying to do this is because I want to decrease the fill calculation by subtracting the volume of the pool. Is there a better way to do this than my approach? Thank you.
  4. I got an e-mail with the answer from Tech Support this morning. This is what he did to solve the problem. "The reason why it is not updating is because you have removed the original contours (3d polys) from the drawing." I sent just the terrain model and deleted all other layers to tech support. He put 3D polys back in and it worked just fine. The 3D polys do not have to be on the same layer either. This information should be included in the manual if it is not already. Now that I finally have a model that is working now I am using site modifyers to create pads. The manual says that I can turn a polyline into a site modifyer by going to Modify>Convert>Object from Polyline. This would be fantastic but in my version of VW 12.5.2 it is not in the options of things that you can convert to...Where did it go? That would be soooo useful.
  5. Thank you. I just e-mailed the file.
  6. I too am running 10.4.10 and there is no change. I just got a brand new computer today with a current OS. It still doesn't work.
  7. Katie, I have separated into layers as you recommended and the 3D model is working now. One more problem I seem to be having is when I change the model settings and then click "update" the model will not reflect the change unless I move the model around. Are other people have trouble with a non-responsive update button? Thanks for the help, Sarah Heller, AIA
  8. Wow, thank you for the insight. I feel like this can be more powerful than previous versions, but it is not intuitive. I don't know how long it would have taken me to figure out that I had to draw the contours in order and I didn't read anything like that in the manual. In the 2D display setting I have "existing only / 2D contours". In the 3D display setting I have "existing only/3D Extruded Contour". It doesn't seem to like 3D Extruded Contour. It renders nothing. I can get it to render a mesh now, but it simply refuses to render 3D extruded contour. Thanks for your help! -Sarah Heller, AIA
  9. Do all my 3D polygons have to be closed? This may be my problem. I have just drawn lines, but maybe they need to be closed objects? Also I did the Validate 3D Data and it said I have overlapping lines. I did this because there is a retaining wall on the survey. The topo lines are on top of each other because of a straight vertical rise at that point. I wanted my model to show that, but it won't work if my lines overlap. Does this make sense?
  10. I have been trying to figure out for hours how to create a site model and I am beyond frustrated. Here are my problems: 1. I drew 2D polygons from a survey and then tried to convert them to 3D polygons. In that process it skipped randomly to different lines so I had to do the math and figure out which elevation height I was at. How specify which line to start with and then have it go to the next line, etc. from there. 2. After I did all the math and created the 3D polygons. (Took 2 hours to get 30 lines from 2D to 3D because it randomly jumped to lines....not cool) I went to Create Site Model in the terrain menu. I went through all the step and when I clicked done there was nothing to be see but an outline of the model. I can't find any 3D model and my 3D polygons were still there. I have tried all kinds of things but the same results happened. What am I doing wrong? This has gotten so complicated from the previous versions of VW. I have been using VW for 10 years and have done many 3D models...I am stumped on this one.


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