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  1. Just printed this off, if you take a look at the lettering it is all mashed together in some spaces..any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Haven't changed my font yet?I have been batch exporting my PDF's.. but that seems to not make a difference.
  3. Hey All, My drawings have all of sudden become scrambled. Lettering mostly runs into each other. Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks, Kelly
  4. Hello, I'm using the new MAc mouse and i hit it by accident and my drawing went away, is there any way of centering the drawing? Thanks!
  5. hey all, Anyone ever have trouble viewing their or other Vectorwork files on Dropbox? Cheers
  6. Great advice. Thanks again
  7. It's actually on all files, I can't really edit any of my files
  8. I have attached my file, lets see what can be done./ Thanks
  9. Thanks for that but, it didn't work? Anyone else have any suggestions, Thanks
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