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  1. I've set our office classing system inline with the AEC standard system. As found here; http://aecuk.wordpress.com It's proving a hit (although there aren't quite enough classes for our liking - but its still evolving). Bear in mind that for BIM VW classes do not translate, only IFC properties..
  2. Anybody having a massive headache sharing info with Revit using consultants? IFC exports view nicely in Solibri and Navisworks but data goes missing once imported into Revit. This is a revit problem, granted (and so says Vectorworks), but it is still a problem for design teams when it comes to sharing info. The elements which go missing are those which are custom 3d solids such as extrudes for fittings/pinboards, boxings etc. Even when given IFC data they don't translate into Revit. This means that we are having difficulty getting the M&E guys to line up electrical sockets nicely.. Has anybody found a way of getting around this? I've tried other export options but IFC seems to be the most stable, despite its problems..
  3. So my office has been having trouble with models sited away from the origin point - elements such as walls do not behave correctly. We found the following link which 'sort of' explains that there are TWO different origins. http://www.vectorlab.info/index.php?title=Absolute_Origin A coordinate origin - as set by us VW users, and a VW origin (which cannot be changed) as set by vectorworks - for coordinating/calculating etc (i.e the center of the page when opening a new file). The way in which we have been setting up projects involves setting the centre of the page as the coordinate origin and placing the site survey and building as required away from there - but it now looks as if this is where we should be placing our model in the centre of the page upon opening a new file and setting the origin away from there. So basically it appears that if you put your model info away from the VW page origin it causes problems. Our experiments with this so far have proved this theory and we've recently subscribed to service select who were unaware of these 2 different origins, but who are inclined to agree with this article so far. Has anybody else had these problems? Can anybody offer any advice?
  4. Contractors that we are working with are requesting IFC & SAT files from us for working with Revit & Navisworks.. IFC files appear to export alright(ish) with main building elements performing properly, but simple extruded rectangles which we use to represent pinboards, fittings, boxings etc don't appear in revit once exported with IFC data.. yet they appear fine in solibri model viewer.. SAT files appear to go completely haywire with building elements jumping around all over the place (see attached screen shot) when imported into revit and once imported back into vectorworks... As well as this DWG, FXB, DXF files all throw data around all over the place.. Open BIM doesn't seem to be going so well.. Has anybody else experienced such issues? or even solved them!?
  5. Yep totally sure! The entire building only has single walls - no duplicates!
  6. They're all set as door in wall.. Currently i've managed to get them to display by creating an extra opening around each door, though this is quite ridiculous!
  7. yes, it's not a class issue, doors and fully turned on before IFC export. If you look closely at the screen shot you can see the doors are there... they just don't cut holes into the walls as they should do...
  8. Why when exporting to IFC do doors not show correctly in VW2012!?!?! The attachment shows my VW model opened in Solibri model viewer where only architraves show through (because they are the only part of the symbol geometry outside of the actual wall.. The model worked fine in VW2009 and since converting it to VW2012 i have remade the doors several times in order to try and get them to work, but no success.. Anybody else had this problem? Or solved it? I am contemplating a work-around to put uncased openings in the walls just to get them to show properly - but this is obviously not ideal!
  9. Just opened up the same drawing in VW 2012 and the problem goes away.. well done VW on fixing it!
  10. Thanks a lot, i'm glad to know that this is being addressed!
  11. I've looked and looked but i cannot find out the correct method for attaching IFC data to symbols. I can see that i can attach it to them individually but what use it that when i've got a million of each symbol? I've seen some mention of attaching IFC data to symbols using record formats. Is this the way to do it? Am i missing something very simple? Alfie vw2009
  12. Is there a way to change the default rotation of a door? (or a window for that matter?!) The idea is to be able to change the orientation WITHOUT having a rotation value under the object info because this messes stuff up when exporting to IFC and also causes other problems within vectorworks!! ggrrr Alfie (obviously you only actually get to view the rotation when the door is not inside a wall)
  13. Anybody else had this problem? When i insert doors and windows next to each other in a wall everything seems fine, but when i flip any of the objects a tiny slice of wall thickness shows - which is fine in orthogonal drawings as you can't see that anything's wrong, but in perspectives it's very noticeable as you appear to have fins separating items Has anybody gotten around this? I would upload an image, but i can't figure out how, seems comlpicated! Alfie
  14. Always having the same sorts of problem with door dimensions.. a 1500mm door may show up as 149.7 on a schedule - the only way of getting it right is by going to the door settings and detracting 0.1-0.3 and going through a process of trial and error to get what you want... not good when you've got 100 doors!!
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