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  1. Most of the libraries are delivered on demand from an online server.
    First thing to try is to make sure your Resource Manager cache is up to date.
    Open the Resource Manager and click on the gear icon.
    Select Refresh Libraries.


    See if your your libraries show correctly now.

    If this does not work I recommend contacting technical support directly as you may need to manually clear your Resource Manager cache.

  2. If I'm reading the code correctly you are trying to add fields to the parametric object record in Vectorscript which is not possible.

    If you are trying to build the OIP and the underlying parametric record dynamically in Vectorscript that's not possible.
    You can dynamically build  a variable number controls in the dialog but the you will need to need to store the data differently because you can't add record fields to the parametric record via Vectorscript.

    You have 3 options.
    If you know the maximum number of fields create them all and show/hide them as needed. (This is the easiest solution but limiting.)
    You can create and store the data in a standard record format, that allows you to add new fields as necessary.
    Store the data in a delimited list in a hidden parameter of the parametric object. You will need to insert and extract the data as needed.

    (You may also be able to add the controls to the OIP but you will still need to manage the data for the controls with your code, Vectorworks will not do it automatically for you.)

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  3. I would recommend you contact tech support directly. We will need to detailed machine specifications and the crash logs in order to diagnose the issue or reproduce the problem. There may be something else running on your machines that is causing issues with Vision.

    Even on a low end machine you should be able to open the smaller demo files included with Vision and playback the pre-recorded dmx.

    There were no significant increases in hardware requirements between 2022 and 2023.

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