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  1. Yes... In our other office (in Dublin) I set up a HPT1100ps and thought it was quite slow too... havent used it much since and the users are not complaining about it but it was way slower than the HP1055cm that i use here...! Havent a notion why and didnt run many tests but it seems great from Photoshop and the like...! Richie
  2. Anybody notice any improvements with this and SP3 on a Mac...? Curious as its bugging me big time now...! Richie
  3. Same issue here. Vectorworks 2008 SP2, VW 10.4.11 and a HP1055cm. All drawings print fine except if there is a pattern. Some dont print at all but just sit there spooling for hours. When print patterns at on-screen resolution is checked the patterns print horribly scaled or something. I have issued and email to all our users to stop using patterns from now on but for our thousands of drawings that exist and are still being worked on its a not really an option to change all the patterns to solids. We had also tried printing from PDF's out of Acrobat (Professional and Reader) with the same issues. Will test out Bensons work around for the minute but its a bit of a pain having to make pdf's of all files to print....! Richie
  4. Yeah thats cleared it up for me...! Thanks a million...! Richie
  5. Ah... Ok... I will wait for Katie or Robert to clarify this...! Thanks all the same..! Richie
  6. Ok cheers Christian... Excuse my dumbness but the Architect package include everything that the Fundamentals has plus the added features of the Architect package...? The Feature Matrix confuses me a wee bit...! Richie
  7. Hi Finally 2D rotation... I have been shouting for years and now its delivered... Thanks...! Just a couple of questions... My office held off on upgrading to VW12 and are currently using VW 11.5... We will almost certainly upgrade immediately mainly because of the 2D Rotation but I am now confused about what version we actually have to buy...? We have 11 licenses of VW 11.5 but as far as I can see the view rotation is only in the Architect package. Does this mean we would have to buy VW 2008 Fundamentals plus the Architect package...? Also has there been any major improvements in the DWG exporting apart from the worksheet enhancements...? Many thanks Richie
  8. Oooops sorry just found the original thread.... http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubbthrea...=true#Post49206 No wonder I couldnt find it... it was posted in 2002...! Over 4 years now NNA...! Plllleeeaaassseeeee...!
  9. This is something that I have been asking for for years...! It was in the wishlist items but seems to have disappeared...? In all fairness to Nemetschek it is good that they are listening to what we have to say here and do seems to be trying to implement something. The last time I bumped the original wish list thread I was actually contacted by Nemetschek with a few questions about how the rotate view command worked in Microstation. The company I work for are actually reluctant to update our version of VW at the minute as its working ok for us and dont really need the added features that 12/12.5 have to offer. In saying that, if NNA where to implement a rotate view command we would update immediately...! Almost all of our building are angular and can be a real pain to work on. There are workarounds but with us, they only work on projects that are under certain sizes, if ye know what I mean...! It has been a while since I checked into these forums and would love to see the original thread re-activated as it could be of use to some...! I do have to reitterate what Kevin says in his last line... Many thanks NNA for listening to your users...! Richie
  10. Thanks for the replies guys... much appreciated...! Richie
  11. Hi We upgraded our server to an XServe G5 a few months ago which ment a new server IP number. One of our Vectoworks projects has about 40 drawings all with Workgrop References to various different drawings. Obviously I will have to reassign the path to each referenced file now that the Ip number of the server has chnaged. The problem is that when I open a file it tries to locate and connect to the previous server IP address and hangs on this for about 60 seconds on every file....! Is there any way to batch convert all files so that they route to the new IP number...? I hope that is clear...? Richie (the pleading rotate view window guy)....!
  12. Hi Shaun and all other non-believers....! Firstly i would like to apologize for hi-jacking Kevin's post. As an example of a building that lets say is a little difficult to work on please click here: http://www.pbase.com/richiehatch/image/50714967 This is an 8000sqm school in Ireland. One section of it is orthogonal to the view and is easy to work on. The rest is rotated at various different angles. Now have a look at these drawings which i screen captured from Microstation: http://www.pbase.com/richiehatch/image/50714968 This first image shows one whole section rotated very slightly against the rest of the building. Now I will hit F10 which I have set as a shortcut to Rotate View by Element. I click on a line that is rotated by the said angle and the plan now has rotated by the difference between the angle of the line and the view which in this case is 2 or 3 degrees. I can now work on this part of the drawing orthogonal to the view: http://www.pbase.com/richiehatch/image/50714969 I think this is quite clear as to what i mean. Saying that 'There is no need for a rotate view command' maybe fair enough for you Shaun but for some of us it is a necessary and a sorely missed time-saving tool. Accuracy is not my problem with not being able to roate a view. Speed and efficiency of drafting are....! Especially on multi million euro jobs such as the ones we are comissioned to design. On a final note just let me get it clear that i personally think Vectorworks as a CAD package creates wonderful drawings. In fact, I would go as far as saying that no CAD package can match the final graphical look of drawings made in Vectorworks. We constantly get comments that our drawings are very beautiful which we never did with other CAD packages. If only this one command was implemented I for one would be completely content with Vectorworks...! Thanks and sorry for such a long post. Richie
  13. I have being literally begging NNA for this. I cant see it listed in the PDF but maybe its hidden away in there somewhere. While the improvements look good, my office will not upgrade until view rotation is implimented. As it happens only yesterday I had a call from a colleague who has employed numerous new staff over the last few years all from AutoCad / Microstation backgrounds. He is so tired of listening to them moaning about this particular shortcoming that he is now tempted to change his entire office to AutoCad and PC - a changeover which could cost him over 150,000 euro.....! Please NNA... tell me its there...!
  14. As it happens standard OS X only allows 10 users at a time to connect to any single machine. Also that ten is really only 9 as it includes itself as one user. I think OS X server is your only choice. We made the same move in our office and ended up getting a certified technician to set up our mail etc.... Its not to hard after you have been handheld once..! Regards and good luck... Richie
  15. I just have to bring this up again.... maybe every six months if i annoy NNA enough they will listen to me.... The last time i was on my knees... This time (because of the project i am working on) I am saying the Rosary in Irish up and down Croagh Patrick....! Pleeaasssee deliver...!
  16. Thanks islandmon, but this is with OS X... Tiger and Tiger Server on the Xserve to be exact. Also the files show up as being 0k in size. As it happens no machine in this office even has OS 9 (apart from the classic environent on my own machine) on it so it cant be that. Rich
  17. Thanks for the reply... I will check that out when i get a chance... Amazingly i have just been told by another colleague that he has discovered another corrupt drawing. Today i have been able to recover both drawings from a backup but on a previous occasion the recovered drawing was quite out of date as the normal backup had overwritten the correct file with the corrupt one and i had to revert to an archive copy. Can I email someone in Nemetschek with before and after drawing files for scrutiny....? Richie
  18. Hi I am not sure this is a problem with Vectorworks or not buy sure I will give it a go here and see if anyone has had the same problem. Recently (well within the last few months) some Vectorworks files have been getting corrupt. So much so that they are reading as 0k file size where they may have been 4000k. When i try to open one i get the following message: http://www.pbase.com/richiehatch/image/50253389.jpg I am not sure what is happening to these files. One day they work then we might try them a few days later and they are corrupt. We work on VW 11.5, Mac OS X.4 and all files are stored on an XServe G5 with a Retrospect Backup Sytem. The reason I am posting here is that so far no other type of file seem to have been corrupt so I am assuming its something that VW is doing when saving the files after being used. Some of the corrupt drawings may have been created in a previous version of VW... could that be part of it....? Anybody Richie
  19. Bonus.... I agree with you completely... After coming from a package that could rotate the view (Microstation) it sure is tough to work at angles in Vectorworks. The point about orthogonal dimensioning never occoured to me as being related to this problem but you are right it sure would help...! Come on NNA, we have been asking for years...! I am on my knees...!
  20. Cheers jan15... I have just sorted it out... In the workspace editor in 10.5 Delselect All was under the Edit Menu. When I didnt see it there in 11.5 I assumed it was gone. I just looked under All Menu's in 11.5 and found it. Richie
  21. Thanks Peter.... That is what I currently do myself... to be honest I never even noticed that it was missing or that it was even used until someone in my office asked where it had gone. The batch thing annoys me more...! Anybody....? Richie
  22. Hi, Just upgraded our office from VW 10.5 to 11.5. One small thing that i cant figure out.... where is 'deslect all' gone from the 'CTRL Click' menu..? Cant see it in the workspace editor either. Am I missing something...? If its not there, thats fine I will work around it...! One other thing Is there any way of stopping the batch convert from changing the name of drawings that have long filenames....? Thanks in advance Richie [ 04-25-2005, 05:28 AM: Message edited by: RichieHatch ]
  23. Holy cow.... I cant believe its nearly 3 years since i posted this..... Please NNA can we have some type of 2D view rotation. Either that or i leave the company I am working for and go work for one who doesnt design plans with funny angles and pitched roofs...! Grouping just doesnt work as grouping plans that are across multiple layers ends up with all the contents being dumped into the active layer (at least in VW 10.5 it does). We are getting VW 11.5 next week. Does it work in that....? [ 04-15-2005, 11:08 AM: Message edited by: RichieHatch ]
  24. Or what about making it a plug through USB dongle. Its a pain that it uses up a USB port especially when you have a scanner/printer/digital camera etc... connected too....! [ 04-15-2005, 11:09 AM: Message edited by: RichieHatch ]
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