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  1. I don't use a plug-in that allows you to toggle on all classes to visible -I make a save view "CLASSES ON" and uncheck everything except the classes box. I also do a view "ALL ON' with both classes & layers on. Seems to work fine. Also I agree with Johnharley that it'd be great to see how others set up layers & classes in their drawings.
  2. Thanks, The Tekton does look good. I also tried the link for the Architect's Font Package but unlike the Adobe site I could'nt find examples of what the fonts actually looked like only verbal descriptions. By the way does open font mean the same thing as true type font?
  3. I would like to get a good hand lettered font for our drawings. Particulary when using the sketch rendering feature for presentations. (We are on Macs) We had a very bad experience many many years ago with Graphite Light. It ended corrupting a lot of files. Also some fonts we used (also many years ago) no longer print. I've searched previous posts and I know I need to get a true type font. Do I nead to check for post scripting or not? Anything else I need to check for? I really like the Architect font and (Oh No) the Graphite Light font I found at font.com. Help -I'm scared to download any fonts after the previous disaster.
  4. Thanks for responding. We are getting an OS X server and seem to have found a guy about 3 hours away familiar with Macs to do the initial set up and help by phone or in person later if we run into any real snags.
  5. Can you set up a location for back up files to be put. Also can you name the back up folders. Now it automatically creates a folder VW Backup and locates it in the same folder as the original drawing.
  6. Help! Our firm is going to be relocating and we are going to a true server system. Right now we keep projects on individual computers and link to one another. We will have about 22 computers with atleast 3/4s running Vectorworks. All Macs. We are located in coastal Alabama and have not been able to find anyone local who can set us up. We have been doing all our computer stuff while trying to also work on projects. We don't have a trained computer geek (IT) in office and fitting in troubleshooting with project deadlines that cann't be missed is driving everyone crazy. Please let me know how others have handled this situation. We can probably find someone trained in Mac networking if we search 3 or 4 hours away, but are concerned with the time issue. If something isn't working now, it gets looked at immediately.
  7. Is there a way to create a read only type file that a contractor could use but not make a copy or any savable changes. PDF won't work because the need to find distances, areas, etc. (Does the viewer allow this?) If there isn't any way to do this, I sure like to add it to the wish list . If there is please let me know.
  8. THis is one of the items that gets mentioned the most in our office. (Especially from previous autocad users -since it does this very thing) Sure would be helpful -Laurie
  9. We are having this problem in our office as well, but only one machine seems to have this problem. I have been on V11 since it came out. (Making sure no bugs or problems surfaced before getting it for the rest of the office) Now all production is now on V11.0 Eight computers so far. The computer that is having this problem is a Power PC G4 running Mac OS 10.2.8 What's odd is one of the other computers not having this problem is identical. Already tried deleting V11 preferences in library then tried reinstalling V11. Both only a temporary fix.
  10. I am having a problem with large blocks of text. When I go in to edit or add additional text the display goes to slow motion. I'll be typing away and the on the screen every letter is taking a second or so to show up. Very frustrating. This is happening on most of the computers (various Mac's all running OS X)
  11. Thank you Samurai, that seems to have solved alot of our issues with symbols! Kudos to you!
  12. Our office is having the same problem (no snapping in symbols), regardless of the combination of constraints that are selected. I have "Snap to Object", and "Smart Cursor Cues" on, but my symbols are still virtually unusable because I can not place them in their correct locations without snaps. This problem happens on all of our drawings on multiple computers, and is a major issue with symbols. Is there an update past VW10.1.0 that will resolve this? Any solution (no matter how unorthodox) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. We are having the very same problem. The command will work fine for a while then say its not inthe plug in folder. Quitting vectorworks then getting back in does clear it up. We are on VW 10.1 It has happened on three of our computers so far. We have editted the Workspace.
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