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  1. I spoke too soon. Setting up the custom page gives me a small image on a 24x36 PDF page. My settings: Doc settings: Print: 300DPI Doc set up: layer scale 1:1 Page setup: 1 page horiz and vert. Check boz:"page unavailable in printer set up", width 36, height 24 Print sequence: PDF995, size Arch D, Landscape. Am I doing somthing obviously wrong? Thanks!
  2. I set the palettes to "minimize" to save screen space. When I select it to change a line tipe, I wish the palette would stay open until I am done making all choices, not close up again as soon as a line is chosen or a weight or color is chosen. Maybe have a "done" button.
  3. Thanks for the replies, both of you. The PDF looks good, but prints out week with lines looking like they were from a drying up pen. I will try up-ing the DPI in the print sequence and see if that works. I did the custom page and believe it will work. Will let you know.
  4. Sorry, In Document Preferences, it is set for normal resolution and 72 DPI for printing. No? I figured this was ok since it is a default.
  5. No, they are rough, like a printer running out of ink, in any size image. I can't set the DPI, I use a commercial printer. They use a KIP Starprint 7000 or an HP 750.
  6. Having the text information be accessible in the object info pallete (size, font..) would be very helpful, The size especially, as a drop down sub-menu. This would be for text and call-outs. A drop down for the font would be nice too.
  7. Just a reminder (having painfully learned all this a little bit ago!): the wall int. class should be on, the window main class should be on and the window placed on it,and window spec class should be on. Note: you can change the layer the ID symbol is on in Settings...
  8. Thanks for the help, Katie. Got the PDF conversion to work, although it did a small image on a 24x36 page. The printer (staff) can accomodate that, though. I m getting very rough lines. letters, etc, almost like extreme draft quality. Is there a setting here (in VW) or is it a printer issue?
  9. I have no "clear" option, only none or styles. Am I missing something? thx
  10. I am trying to print to PDF so I can sneakernet or email to a remote printing company. My page setup defaults to the 8.5 x 11 of my desktop printer, or goes to multiple pages when I default to Arch D. Any suggestions on prepping the file for offsite printing? Thanks.
  11. Would like a better roof tool for multi-pitch roofs, such as a dutch gambrel, with dormers that continue the top shallow pitch.
  12. Thanks, Robert. Any chance of giving us a quick outline of procedures to do, say a wide shed dormer/raised roof or large gable, using the cut holes, roof planes, and fit walls to roof? It might save a bunch of people hours of wandering through the manuals. Thanks!
  13. When either copy/pasting or edit/duplicate array PIOs or symbols, the walls are not cut so in 3D shows siding in my frames, if they show at all. What should I be doing?
  14. Band A: I would agree. The wizard (or whatever) should cut a hole, make a roof and selectable walls, and let you place your choice of door/window PIO's. Maybe that is the route to take anyway...
  15. Thanks, but they are separated, different sizes and might change during design. Also, in one instance, there is only one window set off to one side rather than centered. I would hope for more adaptibility.
  16. I am trying to do a long dormer with several windows. The Dormer tool seems bent on using a single window centered. How can I move and add windows in the dormer face? ALso, In top plan, the walls are hidden. How can I draw the rooms in the attic? I set the model up as single floor with roof, attic inserted. Should anthing more than a simple dormer be done as a roof face? Thanks.
  17. How do you move a window in a dormer, such as to insert several windows in a long dormer?
  18. Peter, while I have your (much appreciated) attention, I am trying to learn how to make door (and window)symbols. It says to select the 2d and 3d objects, but how?
  19. Very much so. thanks. Using windows. Good idea on the separate folders.
  20. The manuals say to select the 2d and 3d objects. How? It seems like one is either in 2 or 3d at a time so how do I get both?.
  21. Another: as I make door symbols (or whatever) how can I add a sub-folder to the main catagory, i.e., add "Multi-panel doors" to 08_Doors_Hinged...
  22. Newbie question: how do I change the door swing direction once the object is inserted? When I try by right click/flip it flips the whole wall. Thanks.
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