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  1. mlau answered my problem with his post of 03/03/2006. And in all fairness to VW, if I had read the VW help file "Menu command plug-ins" that would have addressed my concerns, too. ________________________________________________ (From The VW Help File) "Working with Menu Commands" Adding a Menu Command to a Workspace: Once a menu command has been created, it will need to be added to one or more workspaces to be available for use with VectorWorks. Once the command is added to the workspace, it will immediately be available for use in the current VectorWorks session. To add a menu command to a VectorWorks workspace: 1. Select Tools > Workspaces > Workspace Editor. 2. In the list of available menu commands in the Workspace Editor, look for the category that was assigned to the menu command. Click the disclosure triangle (Macintosh) or plus sign (Windows) to display the available items in the category. 3. Click and drag the menu command to the desired location in the workspace menu structure. If desired, add a key equivalent for the menu command. 4. Click OK to save the workspace with the added menu command item.
  2. mlau, as you can tell, I am a new VW user, too. Thank you for your help. I had no idea these plug-ins had to be manually configured into the workspace. It looks like the workspace editor will play a major role in customization. I'll visit the SketchUp website tomorrow. Again, thanks.
  3. Yes, I installed the plug-in before I checked the File>Import Menu. So, apparently you are having the same problem on the MAC. Import SketchUp is a relatively minor issue. I just hate it when the current documentation and the software aren't on the same page. Isn't marketing great!
  4. The 12.0.1 patch for VW 12 Architect-WIN is supposed to give you another Import option, FILE>IMPORT>IMPORT SKETCHUP (according to the Sketchup information PDF file). I haven't been able to find that option. I mentioned this to Tech Support at NNA last week, but still no response. Is anyone else having this problem?
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