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  1. Basically, I want VW to count the number of plant objects that I am placing with the current plant tool session. Sometimes I'll have 20 plants in a row, but I want 21 to keep an odd number then I end up counting all of the plant outlines to figure out how many I have, instead, if there was just a small floating box near the plant tool that is showing how many plant objects are about to be placed it would be so much easier.
  2. As I am using the plant tool I'd like to be able to see how many plants I currently have placed on the design. So when I am clicking and placing multiple shrubs in a bed at like there to be a floating datum box or something in the resource browser that shows I have currently placed '5' shrubs for instance and it will increase or decrease until I double click to complete the plant placements. This would also be helpful when doing a planting line.
  3. In VW 2015 I had a template file with hundreds of plant symbols and definitions. I had it to where there was a standard plant tag that showed up when the plant symbol was placed on the document. I believe I accomplished that by opening up the plant settings and choosing that tag attributes without choosing a specific plant. In VW 2016, I've tried that to no avail. With no plant selected I've changed the tag attributes, but then I get an error saying a non plant object was selected or nothing happens at all. I've added all of my symbols to the "Basic Template Plants" file. In VW 2015, I added them to the "Plant Defaults" file. Is there an easy way to change the default plant tag attributes for all the plant symbols in a file?
  4. Well I'm not sure what happened because I purposefully shut down the program and looked in task manager to see if it was opened before I ran the update.
  5. I tried to install update, but had error and now it says this when trying to run the update "You have entered a Series E serial number, but C:\Program Files\Vectorworks2015\Vectorworks2015.exe is not a valid Series E version of Vectorworks. Please enter a different serial number, or select a different folder to update". And when I try to open VW it says SP4 on splash screen, but then says it is corrupt or missing files and asks me to reinstall. Has this happened to anyone else?
  6. Just to update since I didn't receive any replies...I opened the template and found the last few symbols I created and deleted them. This has seemed to work so far.
  7. I just updated to the newest SP2 build for 2013 and am having major problems with slow response times. I use Designer with Renderworks, but mainly use it for Landmark functionality. I created a template file to hold all of my plant symbols. In the previous build and in VW 2012 when I create a new file based on the template it would generate in a matter of seconds. In build 176329 it literally takes 90 seconds to generate the new file. All the while I get the Windows spinning circle and if I click the screen fades and it is not responding. Watching the processes in WTM I see that VW 2013 opens at about 150K used memory, but when the file opens it jumps to 370K and uses 20% CPU. The CPU stays at 20 the entire time. Worse yet, after it does open and I try to add a new plant definition to the template it now takes 6 minutes to add it if it responds at all. Just yesterday I was using the previous build and had normal response times. To test I opened the file in VW 2012 and had no problems with response. I welcome any suggestions.
  8. Thanks, this works great.....I guess I need to get a list of all the shortcuts
  9. Jeffrey I contacted Tech support so we will see what they say.
  10. I thought I saw in a tutorial video that it is possible to select multiple objects without having to click-drag over the entire object similar to the click-left drag in Acad where you only have to touch the object and it will select it. It sure would be a lot faster for me if this feature existed. Does anyone know what I'm getting at?
  11. I have restarted VW and the computer many times. This has been a problem since I installed 2009 a while back, but I've lived with it. Ozzie- thanks the Ctrl Tab works perfectly, which leads me to be even more confused with the menu commands not working at all.
  12. I do have SP2...need to update profile Switching to another workspace does not work. I'll keep trying
  13. Unless I forgot how to do this from VW 2008 to VW 2009 then something has to be wrong here. If I'm in full screen mode and have multiple open drawings and want to switch between them I go to the menu Window->Drawing1.vwx when I'm currently viewing Drawing2.vwx and vice versa if I want to switch what I'm viewing. Well, when I do this, absolutely nothing happens so I'm left minimizing one and enlarging the other. Is this happening to anyone else? Is there a command shortcut to scroll through open documents?
  14. This is something that has haunted me since VW12 and now in 2008. 2 different scenarios...same result. Let's say I add 5 of a plant symbol to the design in a grouping, then I copy and paste that same grouping into another location. I then rotate the new grouping. And maybe I do this again a few times. Finally I want to change all the plants into a single group. When I click Change Plant Grouping....all the plant paths go haywire and none of the modified group placements are preserved. This is also the case if you mirror a group of plants and then try to combine all the plants in one drawing. Each groups to the original group shape. I will post a before and after pic showing the problem. I'm guessing this is something that cannot be corrected.
  15. I submitted a bug report for this and I was told this is a known problem with any computer running 4 Gb of memory. I took out 2 gigs and the import worked.


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