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  1. I have been playing with this also and may have come up with a goofy solution. First you create a light boom, set your spacing, rotate the 3D portion into vertical. In Top/Plan view, convert it into a Lighting Position. Import the lights you wish to use. Then duplicate the lights you wish to use and edit each of the duplicates 2D components. I.E. The top light is a 26° ETC - leave it as is. The second light down is a 26° - move the 2D component down the distance of your ladder spacing - if your ladders are on 2' centres move it down Y -2' The third light down is a 36° ETC - move the 2D component down -4' The fourth light down is a 36° ETC - move the 2D component down -6' Go to your top plan view and position the modified ETC Symbols in order with the insert position all at the same point as the top/first fixture. Notice that the 2D symbols are offset 2', 4' or 6' - nicely inline for viewing. Now go to a ISO 3D view and drag each 3D light over to the appropriate rung - find the insert point at the centre of the clamp and use the snaps to centre it on the centre of each rung. Go back to 2D view and notice that the 2D components are still in place - Beauty! You can select the light object and change the Z and the lights move with it. This I like - now i can move my scenery around in 3D view and not have it run over a bunch of lights lying flat on the floor! I haven't played with duplicating/mirroring the ladders but that will be my next experiment. If I always use the same ladder spacing, then I will save the duplicated/converted symbols as Favourites. Cheers! MNP
  2. I can't see anyway of locking a hybrid symbol onto a 3D lighting object. Is it possible? I want to be able to render some scenery with side lights. I can place the hybrid object in 3D space and use it by itself. But still can't find away to be able to logically group the 2D elements of the Hybrid Symbols in the Top/Plan view. I'm coming at this from a TD perspective. I need to see where everything is in 3D space and it just doesn't work if all the side light object are lying flat on the ground where I want to run my scenery! There was a tutorial I found about 9 months ago that details how to split the 2D and 3D elements of the symbols and lighting pipe objects onto different layers. It was tricky, but worked. I can't find it anymore. Does anyone know of this? I think it was a YouTube file.
  3. 7-ML-25778-ML- Would probably get a better response in the General area, this doesn't sound like an installation issue.
  4. Working in Vectorworks 2008 in the Spotlight palette. Somehow the Basic Toolbar and the Tools Sets palettes have gotten turned off. I can see them turned off under the menu bar Window/Palettes, but when I try to select/turn them on, nothing happens. How can I force them on or else reset the Spotlight palette to it's default. Thanks!
  5. I found the Height box in the Object Info pallette.
  6. Is there a way to set the Z height of a door higher than the base of a wall? I want to place a door even with a small landing. The Window Settings allows you to set the Elevation in Wall, but I do not see a similar function for the Door Settings
  7. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why the snap function does not work when clicking to objects in other layers even when the Show/Snap/Modify is selected in Classes and Layers? It works when I am Active in some layers but not in others. Thanks!
  8. Hi All, My systme was also brutally slow until I turned off the Hardware Acclerated 2D Navigation and Vectorworks Caching under Vectorworks Preferences, Display. Regards


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