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  1. Does anyone have a VL3500 Wash symbol that will not make my computer fall over. Thanks'
  2. So after editing the LL you reassign the LL to the lamp even though it already has the LL assigned to it and it works. I've never come across that but all is good now. Thanks' for the quick reply Kevin.
  3. Hello Kevin. Yes I have used the Assign Legend To Insts command. I did delete the LL from the lamp and then reassign the LL, same result. Would you like me to send you the file so you can interrogate it ?
  4. Hello All. Having made a new LL I am unable to edit it. I go back in to the LL manager make the changes, exit, hit refresh Labels or refresh instruments with instrument selected and am not getting the desired effect. Heres what I am getting. Field moves once very slightly and then does not move again. I seem to be able to turn field vertical. I have tried deleting and recreating a new LL. If I open up a new file and use the same instrument and create a new LL it works fine. If I copy the Layer and paste it into a new file everything works fine. I would be happy to copy everything over but I'm having issues with getting all the layers to line up as well as scale issues. Are there any preference files hidden away somewhere ? Or if anyone could give me some pointers on copying everything over into a new file I would be most grateful. This Drawing was created in 2010 and Exported to 2008. Thanks' all.
  5. Hello Kitty. Here is a drawing of a Climbing Cube. I think I attached the file, if not I will gladly email it to you. Simon
  6. Is there any way in 2008 of just having a line with no arrow, this was an option in 12 and is useful on busy plots.
  7. Smatticus. Before you Export out of LW select the External ID & Symbol Field (Worksheet/Columns) this will show you which Symbol each Fixture is using, if there is no Symbol Info there then when you import back into VW those Fixtures will be displayed as Boxes. The Symbol Info seems to disappear going from VW to LW I have had this happen several times having Imported/Exported a File many times between LW & VW, for that reason I always have the External ID & Symbol Field displayed on my Worksheet so that I can keep an eye on things.
  8. Having lost the ability to use the Load Setting I now have to rely on the Autolink Function. If you go into LW Setup/Names and change the Long Name to match the VW equivalent ie. User Field 1 instead of Text 1 everything matches up, almost.the only thing that does not match seems to be [Accessories] Alt-Circ I do however agree that this is a very long winded process
  9. Kevin or Katie. Has there been any progress with this Bug http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Board=6&Number=83636&Searchpage=1&Main=18345&Words=&topic=0&Search=true#Post83636
  10. Sorry Rick but I always have that selected anyway. Strange how John has had this problem since 12.5 (some months ago) My issue has only been since 12.5.2 If you want to send me your Import/Export Mapping files please do and I will give those a go.
  11. I just recieved an email from John regarding this issue and this is what he had to say. "As I recall, I filed it as a bug report with NNA some months ago. Version 12.5 won't open saved mapping files for me, either. I don't know whether the problem is in the saving or in the opening. Perhaps if someone else has a mapping file they're successful with, they could share it with you"
  12. I did go through your documentation and compared it with my own Routines, everything matches up, and, as we know I can maneuver the Data I just cannot Store the Mapping File so that I can Load it again. I wish I had seen your Documentation about 2 x years ago when I was trying to figure that all out, very nicely done !. As a side note (and I realise this is getting a little boring); I can Load a Saved Export Mapping file to Export out of SL, however, as soon as I try to Load an Import Mapping file and I get the Error Message I then am unable to Load an Export Mapping file without getting the Same Error Message, it seems that once that Error message appears everything goes Pear Shaped. Anyway, Kevin or Katie if you have any ideas I would appreciate it.
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