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  1. Yes, thanks Jim, that worked like a charm. Aaron
  2. Hello, Has anyone else run into this problem? Mysterious shadowy vectors projecting out from the center of the drawing in "Final Quality Renderworks" mode: Thanks, Aaron
  3. Same error has popped up on me several times. The last time I was trying to undo a rotated wall (CTRL + L). Also a similar popup with no way out, "A required resource was unavailable" (this one when moving, by dragging, a wall.
  4. Crashing several times daily here. As noted in first post, crashes are seemingly random during regular tasks like moving a rectangle, or zooming in / out. Also, occasionally getting this pop-up message on the screen: "Ecountered an improper" Clicking "Ok" on this does nothing, and Vectorworks does not respond. Ready for SP2...
  5. Yes, I second these comments / requests. I would also add: 4. Project Sharing should be integrated into the Navigation palette and Organization dialog (ex: right-clicking on a design layer in the Navigation palette should allow release or check out of layers). Thanks.
  6. It would be great if the Constraint tools (such as Constrain Coincident) worked on ALL object types. I like the idea of constraints, but more often than not, when I try to use the tools, there is some reason why it doesn't work. For example, they don't work on: - Viewports (useful for page layout). - Bitmaps (imported images). - Worksheets (again, useful for page layout).
  7. Agreed. And I'd add that the conversion of curves to line segments extends beyond the 'Export as Flattened 2D Graphics' command. For instance, I recently tried to export (DWG) a site grading plan that uses Polylines for contours, and they are all segmented when previewed in a DWG viewer. If there is a workaround for this, or a setting / option I'm missing, I'd love to hear about it. Aaron
  8. I think you can have it both ways. It depends on how you want to organize and present the data. For example, if you attach the record data to an object within the symbol, it should update all instances of the symbol. In the example below (VW file attached), the symbols in green have a record attached to the symbol object on the design layer. This allows them to have unique ID labels (101, 102, 103). The symbols in red, have the record attached to the circle object within the symbol definition. Each instance of the object has the same ID label (104). Hope this helps, Aaron
  9. Since upgrading to v2012 (haven't jumped into v2013 yet), I'm having a lot of trouble printing from Vectorworks to our HP4000ps printer. The primary problem is that information is often missing from the print. I'm printing mostly from sheet layers, and everything looks fine on the screen, but what comes out of the printer is seemingly random loss of data (lines are missing or incomplete, whole objects are missing, line weights are all the same, etc). The only workaround I've found is to 'Rasterize' the print every time. This tends to work, but it is extremely slow. One problem is that HP no longer supports the printer and is not issuing driver or firmware updates. Has anyone else noticed this with v2012?
  10. A spin off question... Any suggestions for rounding the dimensions on the plan? For example, if I set up a space tag to show room dimensions, the display result is again precise, with no apparent control over the rounding: Thanks, Aaron
  11. Wow, perfect, thanks. I didn't know about the CONCAT feature. Guess I need to catch up on Vectorworks spreadsheet fuctions. This is a real timesaver. Thanks again, Aaron
  12. Hmm...Yes, that works if I also change the 'Rounding Style' to fractional, but it changes the settings for the whole document. In this case, it's really just the output in this one spreadsheet column that I want rounded. Thanks, Aaron
  13. Hello, Is it possible for Vectorworks to round the room dimensions generated by the Space tool? I have inserted the =(Space.'Room Dimensions')formula into a database header, but the result is too precise. Rooms that happen to have whole numbers show up ok (10'0" x 10'0"), but other rooms show up with fractions or decimals (10'1.234" x 10'1 1/2"). This makes for a messy schedule. Older versions of the Space tool had a simple feature built-in to the Object Info palette to control the rounding of room dimensions, but the newer version of the tool seems to have lost this (very useful) feature. Also, because the result is a combination of dimensions and text, the cell cannot be formatted to a 'Dimension' or 'Fractional' standard. Thanks, Aaron
  14. Thanks Tim, that could be the case. It also could be specific to our network setup, but I thought it was worth mentioning in case others were having similar problems. Aaron
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