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  1. I have the same iMac (High Sierra) I am currently using as a second monitor for a 2017 iMac 5K and its fine for PDF, screen shots, notes and such. I am moving on to Mac Studio and am finding conflicting info on whether or not I can use it as a 2nd with Studio without second party help. Can anyone shed light on this? Thank you
  2. AlanW--you seem to have worked this out so I am jumping into this OP. I am running VW Arch-2023 and the new version of TM--23. Here is the sequence I am following and the result having tried several times. 1. Open VW file 2. INitiate Dsmith Direct Link Tool 3. Click tools and choose 'Low' for giggles ---I already created a folder for Datasmith files 4. Click the export file icon (its starts to export showing the progress bar and then abruptly quits 5. Click Sync 6. OPen TM and this is what I get when choosing import.
  3. Hello there---is there a trick (tutorial) for placing these objects into complex walls? I want the jamb to extend only the thickness of the interior (components) and trim to act appropriately. The options for orientation in the OIP, do not seem to work to accomplish this. Also, its seems there may be a glitch regarding the creation of a masonry sill. no matter what settings, the sill will not extend to the sash.
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