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  1. Hi dom Thanks for your answers and your interest. first of all, did you update your "WorksheetInputExample_v2" file? Thanks for your advice, I installed deepnest and tried to import dxf. No dxf file opened. I tried with lines, surfaces, only the surface extractor. really weird. but it must be a good tool and very handy. it would be really nice if vector works would do the surface calculation directly. I am unfortunately not strong enough in python to do this. I will try again Thank you Dom ++
  2. Challenge Question I would like to cut out these 50 layers on the CNC. How would you do it? I tried to use your tool with these shapes but it doesn't work. I think they are not rectangles so it's impossible for the program to calculate that! the work is already done but I'd like to do a smaller one The idea would be to find an easier and faster method than the one I did. Because I took each layer one after the other to extract the surface and place it manually on a panel. Then I exported a cutting file for each panel with 3-5 shapes. What do you think about it? RAph WhatsApp Video 2021-08-07 at 16.09.56.mp4
  3. Ok 1) I work on Mac. It sure can make a difference but it used to work with the 2020. 2) I work with the separators in dot mode. 3) The version I use is in French. 4) I can't help you there, please give me more details on what you need to know. I'm not really sure I didn't modify the raw panel list and part list. But I'm sure it was working. I hope I can help you find the problem RAph
  4. Hi Dom, Thank you for your help! opening the file with version 2021 works. but when I launch the calculation vectorworks crashes. Raph WorksheetInputExample_v2.vwx
  5. Hi Dom, Thank you for your answer As you can imagine it works. Now I have a problem with the "worksheetInput_Example" file. I think it comes from the version of vectorworks 2021 !? Because I opened it with the 2020 version and it worked Can you look at what's going on? Thanks in advance
  6. Hallo DomC, Vielen Dank für dieses sehr nützliche Tool. Ich habe festgestellt, dass es ein Limit für die Anzahl der Ausfahrtsschilder gibt. Nach 20 Platten "boards_out" die Berechnung stoppt und der Rest wird ausgelassen Wissen Sie, wo ich die Anzahl der Ausgangsfelder im Code anpassen kann? Vielen Dank im Voraus Raphael
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