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  1. It's 2024. This issue persists for me even with all the latest updates for TM and VWX.
  2. I seem to be having an issue with lags and hang ups notably while selecting objects with a bounding box. When I run the Activity Monitor I notice that WindowServer will spike to 95% of CPU capacity while using Vectorworks even in simple ways. I only encountered this problem the other day when I installed the Sonoma OS. It was fine on Ventura. Since then I have reinstalled both the system and Vectorworks with no improvements in this problem. Has anyone else been experiencing this issue? It makes VWX almost unusable on my machine and I am contemplating the idea of downgrading my Mac back to Ventura which seems like a daunting process. MacBook Pro M1 Max 64Gb Memory
  3. I'm finding that the Datasmith export feature crashes Vectorworks about every 3rd or 4th export of the same file. Its a little frustrating. Mac OS 13.0.1 on an M1 MacBook Pro and VWX2023_SP2.
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