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  1. Hi , We are loving Twinmotion with VW22 but we are finding that whenever we change something in our VW model , hit the direct link button and then go back to Twinmotion , that the materials have been reset to the way they were when we imported them. For example the glass of our building comes into Twinmotion with the material name given in VW. I then go to drop a Twinmotion standard two sided glass onto the VW material swatch. this works fine until I go back to VW to change some geometry (change anything in fact) and when I hit direct link again the materials are all back to the way they were when I imported. Thanks A
  2. thanks @Tamsin Slatter very useful webinar. I have since been using the shapfiles with GIS. I now understand that centremaps who supply our OS data can issue me with a shapefile at the same time ... so this all works well. I still have the "failed to download" error on the GIS imagery quite a lot. I have tried zoooming in and out and changing the resolution bat cannot get this one fixed.. maybe just me
  3. Thanks Tamsin. We met briefly at the Nurbs modelling course in Winchester , September last year . You talked about the georeferencing then and I have been keen to use it since.
  4. You know what ... that worked !!!!!!!!... I thought I had tried all of these import options but clearly not. Many thanks and have a great weekend
  5. hi @lisagravy. Thanks for the instructions but still getting the same thing. Have followed to the letter and done quite a few times trying new things but cant seem to make this work. When I set up a blank doc I notice by default with geolocate on I am in Greenwich park. When i import file with geo locate on it is still not changing the geoimage or the lat long settings. I can kind of fix things by finding the correct lat long and entering it into the dec prefs but its not quite right. .. very strange.
  6. thank you @lisagravy . i have gone new - blank document, origin - set user to match the georeferencing coordinate system. then imported a different topo that has been georeferenced (i have used your settings as above - this file contains geo referenced geometry ) . Again it matches with VW axis grid correctly but I go to geoimage and it shows me this time, Greenwich park.
  7. Thank you. I have just tried that and that does change the origin (it no longer matches the OS grid) but when I use the Geoimage tool I am still in Germany (it has not repositioned the image).
  8. Hi, I am having trouble getting the GeoImage function to correctly place the satellite view behind my OS plan. I have imported the OS DWG (location in south of England near Gatwick airport) with Geolocation on and the Lat/longs + OS grid are reading correctly with the document grid(see 1st screen shot). I have checked the lats/longs VW is giving, in Google earth and they are correct. When I turn Geoimage on it thinks I am in Germany near Hamburg see second and third image (red dot is my OS blue cross hair is site location). I have checked geo referencing settings and believe they are correct (see image 4). Any ideas please?
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