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  1. so the z is the grade level whereas the delta z is the wall height. did i get it right?
  2. lswdw

    record format

    maybe my boss has it if it comes in the package; otherwise, i do not have it personally and it's too much for me to get. thanks,for clarifying that the text is within the symbol. i appreciate that help.
  3. thanks rafa for your patience. i finally found the dimension string settings from the file/prefs/document/dimension/custom.
  4. katie, i am confused. i don't see any printer driver but GEFORCE NIDIA driver. i'm asking because i am having problem printing to my hp deskject 1220c directly from vectorworks 11.0. 1 . the file is just 8 1/2 x 11 and the error says about runtime error. my os is xphome. i didn't the problem previously in vw 10.5 on 11 x17.
  5. lswdw

    record format

    thanks jonathan. hmm let me see if I can get this in the right sequence. create an object -save it as a symbol-create a record format-edit symbol - select text in the symbol and link it to the list in the record format. where i am getting confuse is the text. should the text be a separate entity from the symbol or is it part of the symbol?
  6. so, i created a symbol and a list of data in the record format and finally to the organize/link text to record. in the course of linking the text, i realised that the linked text disappeared as soon as i linked it to the record format. So, i went into the record format and edited by adding default text. but these default text aren't showing. so i deleted the 'hidden' text and re-linked to the record format and again the default text doesn't show. am i missing something here? version 11.0.1 operating system - xp home
  7. thanks jonathan. i've just experiented with custom visibility and have previous dimension setting changed and modified all drawing templates. thanks again.
  8. my printer is hp deskjet 1220c and my os is xp home, 348ram i didn't have this problem with vw version 9 and 10.5 printing 11x17 directly to the same printer hp.
  9. can anyone tell me why the print area is different when i set the printer to acrobat distiller(pdf) and hp printer? the difference is that when i set to acrobat distiller (pdf), the grey border maximizes to the edge of the actual paper size whereas when i set to my hp printer 1220c, the grey border shrinks. for example if it is 11x17, the print area would show as 10.58 x 16.38 is there any ways that i can set the margins of the pdf and the hp printer? i've looked everywhere in the acrobat distiller and hp printer preferences and i am not finding any margin settings. any tips? vw 11.0.1 xphome hp deskject 1220c acrobat distiller 5.0
  10. i have not idea why i am not notified by email after i have changed my profile to be notified by email. am i missing something?
  11. Thanks Jonathan. I finally see the global dimension settings in the File/Doc/Dimension/New/Edit So, what I am experimenting here is that these settings will not override what was previously done in the drawings. So, what was done previously will have to be changed manually to fit into these settings. As for the decimal, I am also realising it to be the same as the above that I have to change the precision by clicking the dimension strings one by one to make the decimal change from 0.1 to 1 The conclusion here is that what done previously cannot be changed globally by the new settings. is that right?
  12. thanks rafa. i have been manually changing each dimension which i am finding it to be radiculous. It is just not right to be doing this one by one. The other problem is that the text offset from the dim string. The dim setting appears only when I select a dimension string. I have to change hundreds of dimension strings one by one just to have the text nearer to the string. it is just not making sense ! and i still believe that i am missing something.
  13. thanks andrew. in my first posting i said i have it as 1 and still have the one decimal. sorry i mistaken katie so now my settings are my page/units/general dimension setting is: decimal round to nearest - 1 my page/units/dimension ( primary) setting is : decimal round to nearest - 1 and i am still seeing 914.5 am i still missing something here?
  14. thanks andrew. on the dimension strings. to give you a little background of the drawing- the drawing was originally done in imperial and then the client wants it to be in metric and so i change the units from imperial to metric and rounding the decimal to 1. so i am not sure if the conversion has anything to do with the problem.
  15. I have close and opened the file again and still it is showing the 914.5...help!!!!
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