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  1. Thanks Katie, All's well!
  2. Katie I think we have the latest version but we ar not sure how to install into our system. we are networked with five work stations. Our IT man is on holiday at the moment, and it would be good to fix the problem as soon as we can. many thanks
  3. Thanks Katie I think we've done that, but if you could guide me through the install of the driver it would be helpful, in case we've got it wrong.
  4. Having upgraded our o.s from win98 to xp and upgraded from vectorworks v.8.5 to v.11 we are having difficulty plotting some of the patterns from the new created drawing from v.8. Where we have a stippled pattern or hatch this now prints solid black. We are using a Designjet430 -help! Printing the v.8 drawings in v.8 are still o.k
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